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Summer Fruit Salad with Basil Wine

Full of freshness and flavor, here is a delicious summer fruit salad recipe with basil wine Ingredients for 4 people: 2 small melons 250 g of strawberries (Gariguette) 200 g of watermelon 25 cl of semi-dry white wine 10 leaves of basil 30 g caster sugar 4 scoops of yogurt ice cream Summer fruit salad with basil wine - Wash the basil.
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Raw leeks marinated with shrimps and coriander

The marinated new raw leek accompanied by prawns and coriander is a fresh and fragrant starter and a great source of vitamins for our body! Ingredients for 4 people: 8 new leeks (the finest possible) 300 g approx. cooked pink shrimps Olive oil Lemon Salt, pepper 1 bunch of fresh coriander Recipe of raw marinated leek, shrimps and coriander The success of this recipe lies in the choice of leeks, they must be quite thin and only the white part is kept to make this entry very digestible.
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Slimming potato salad

Want lightness, freshness and flavors, here is the delicious recipe for slimming potato salad.Ingredients for 4 people: 300 g of potatoes 1 new white onion1? 4 bunch of flat parsley1 black radish4 tsp. tablespoons of cranberries3 tbsp. of a mixture of dried seaweed
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Aperitif and tapas

The artichoke, Catherine de Medici's cute sin

White in Brittany or purple in Provence, the artichoke has appeared on refined tables since the 16th century. You wouldn't say looking at it, but this quirky vegetable was Catherine de Medici's favorite dish. So much so that she thought she was dying from having eaten too much. canned whites 2 tbsp.
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Poinsettia, the Christmas Star

Poinsettia is one of the prettiest houseplants, often remarkable around Christmas and New Year holidays.In summary, what you need to know: Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Family: Euphorbiaceae Type: Shrub, plant of 'IndoorsExposure: BrightSoil: SoilFoliage: EvergreenFlowering: November to March Also read: Ephemeral colors to warm up winterPinsettia after ChristmasPlanting poinsettiaPinsettia cultivation begins in September for flowering at the end of the year.
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