Indoor tropical plant leaves turning brown

Indoor tropical plant leaves turning brown

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Indoor tropical plant leaves turning brown, turn them in cool soapy water in sink and also in a sprout container. Wait 24 hours and change soapy water. Good luck with your garden!

6. Prepare to Prune Plant

Are you sure you know the best time to prune? If not, now is the time! So before heading to the store, download your pruning calendar to help you prune the right way. This will reduce your frustration when you eventually do try to prune your garden plants.

Look through your calendar and decide when you want to do your pruning. If you have ever had your hands covered in sap, or they look like they are tired from your intense pruning activities, prune slowly and prune carefully.

As you work through your plant, do not over prune. Prune so that you are just cutting out damaged parts of the plant. Remove those tips and any broken off branches, leaves or twigs as they begin to dry and brown.

Hold the plant in your left hand and begin pruning. Leave some of the foliage in place on all parts of the plant to help maintain some green.

Always cut back plants from the center to the main stem. Many gardeners prune only their top or bottom branches but this should be avoided. You should leave most of the plants main stem intact. This will allow the roots to grow and your plant to remain more healthy.

With older plants, you may have to remove some branches as you are pruning back. Remove any large plant that seems overgrown or diseased.

Make sure you keep your cut plants well watered after pruning. Be prepared with some water as you will want to go back in 2 days for a second or third trimming if needed. Wait for all of the cut material to dry and darken before you cut them back.

7. Clean Up

You know the plants are looking great and you will want to put them away. This will be the time to look at your gardening containers, pots, and hanging baskets. You may want to wash them out, maybe put them in a corner of your home for a while to dry off. You should also begin to start thinking about your seedlings. If you have any geraniums or planted them indoors, you should start thinking about the outdoor weather and outdoor placement for them. You may want to take a look at the morning paper so you can get a good location or idea of where you would like to place them in the garden.

Then, you should take a look at your garden tool and supplies that need replacing or cleaning. All of your equipment may look clean and ready to use but maybe it needs a little cleaning. Let a hose or a garden sprayer do the work so that you do not need to spend the time doing it. If you are a lady that loves to cook, you should not waste any of your time doing the cleaning because you will want to spend that time prepping to start cooking. This should also be a good time to do your spring clean in your home to prepare for winter. Remove all clutter and clean the inside of your cabinets and drawers.

Take a last look around your home or garage and get rid of anything you can. Clean your home or garage to get ready for the arrival of spring and summer. Once you have finished cleaning, you may want to take some time to prepare for summer gardening in the yard.

If you have some yard that you would like to prepare, you can start getting rid of all of the leaves and fallen limbs. You will want to pull these to the side of the yard for later use or to feed the birds.

Most people start preparing their homes and yards to get them ready for winter before they start to think about their gardens. However, many people start with their gardens. The good thing about a spring cleaning in your garden is that you can get things done that will help you have a successful garden. If you get started in April, you will have less rain to worry about. Now is the time to begin your gardening projects. Let the heat build up in your yard before you start to prepare the soil for your garden.

Checking your boxes and labels on your pots, baskets and hanging baskets will help you prepare for the arrival of spring and summer. You will want to keep these containers out of direct sunlight to help protect them from fading or fading from mold. You may want to look through your gardening resources to get the best type of container for your plants. You may also need to get a label maker for the containers you keep your herbs and spices in. You will want to look at different types of containers as you grow your plants to help them thrive