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Big plants indoor living

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Aloe Aloe spp. Try smaller varieties such as Aloe vera on a sunny kitchen window. Aloes work nicely in dish gardens and in rooms with Southwestern decor. Keep the spiky leaves away from high-traffic areas. Showy flowers give bright color for eight weeks or more each year to anthurium Anthurium andraeanum , also known as flamingo flower. Flowers typically are red, but you can find hybrids in shades of pink, lavender, white and even green.

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11 Simple Ways to Style Indoor Plants

Regardless of if you are into gardening or not, bringing plants into the home has a way of freshening up your space. Luckily, there are several types of houseplants that can fill your home and require little work to keep them alive. Although taking the time to care for a plant can be super rewarding, we understand it's easy to forget to give your plant the TLC it needs.

Plants like yucca, ponytail palm and jade love a sunny room while other species like pothos, prayer plants and dracaena prefer shadier areas. If you rather be on the safe side and are looking for a zero-maintenance plant, then artificial plants are for you. However, if you want to give live plants a go, scroll through our list for the best houseplants! The paddle plant is a bold succulent that has big, round leaves with pink tips.

These plants favor bright light so you can have it sit right on a sunny windowsill to soak in all the rays. Having a full and vibrant palm in your home is always a nice addition and the lady palm is a great one to start off with. Unlike other types of palms, this one is easier to care for and only needs indirect sunlight. Add this little guy to a shelf and watch it trail down. Make sure that you place it in bright, indirect sunlight and water every one to two weeks. This is a quirky and fun plant to keep around!

With just a pop of pink, these colorful plants grow great indoors. They also hold water in their stems and leaves, making them drought tolerant. When watering, make sure not to over water and check to see if the soil is completely dry in between watering sessions.

Calling all black thumbs: This trailing vine has earned the nickname "devil's ivy" for its ability to withstand nearly pitch-black conditions as well as under- and over-watering.

Aglaonema can withstand excess H2O, and it comes in a spectrum of colors, including green, pink, white, and red. Jade retains water in its round leaves, so it can sometimes survive more than a month without any attention whatsoever. Position it in a sunny window south- or west-facing, preferably and water when the soil feels dry. This fluffy plant tolerates a lot more abuse than other ferns — thanks to the fact that it's technically not a fern.

Asparagus setaceus adapts to both bright spots and darker corners. Keep the soil moist and it'll thrive. Pilea peperomioides grows best in a shady spot or winter windowsill with weekly watering, according to The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery.

Bonus: You can replant the offshoots that sprout from the base of the stem and give them as gifts. The recipe for a happy yucca is easy: sun, sun, and more sun. Plant in a container deep enough to balance the top-heavy woody stems and water sparingly.

You can keep the potting soil in the shed for this one. Tillandsia grows without dirt altogether. What's better than one spider plant? Multiple spider plants. The fast-growing shoots produce little "babies" that you can re-pot for added greenery elsewhere. Just stick to well-lit spots, and don't forget weekly watering. If you're prone to overwatering, try Spathiphyllum. Peace lilies can "almost grow in a fish tank," Fried says.

With enough light, they'll also produce their spade-shaped flowers throughout the year. With its preference for indirect light, aloe would love a spot on your desk or bedside table. Give it a good soak every week or two for optimal growth. You could let the long tendrils hang from mantel or shelf, but the climbing plant is also game for topiaries or stadium walls, like at Wrigley Field.

Save some room on your windowsill and tuck this low-light variety in an unloved corner. Pet owners, watch out: Dracaena marginata is toxic to both dogs and cats, so keep animals far away.For the best display, keep the plant moist not drenched and avoid bright light. Rubber trees can measure over feet tall in their native Asia, but regular pruning will keep the ornamental variety in check.

A potted rubber tree tolerates bright direct light, but put it in a slightly more shaded spot and it will thank you for it. Water when the soil has dried out — about every week or so. Like the pineapple , the bromeliad belongs to the bromeliaceae family.

Keep it away from cold drafts. Kalanchoe "takes very little care," says Nejman. This water-retaining succulent grows colorful, bell-shaped flowers and withstands dry climates and temperature swings. It's even fine with degree winter weather, she adds. Officially called the Beaucarnea recurvata , the slow-growing ponytail palm likes basking in a sunny window.

Don't douse the Mexico native with too much water because "its stems work off its reserves," says Nejman. Native to tropical Asian countries, the phalaenopsis orchid prefers low light and more humid climates, but it's more easy-going than the showy blooms suggest.

There's a lot to love about philodendrons. Their name literally comes from the Greek words philo- meaning "love" and dendron meaning"tree". Most types can withstand dark corners as well as sparse watering. Yes, this plant can produce prickers, but it's not exactly picky. The succulent shrub can go without water for a week or more and it still produces lovely blooms "year round," according to Nejman.

If you're more of a leave-it-and-forget-it type, anything in the cactus family will do, Fried says. Sold as Thanksgiving or Christmas cacti, this species produces segmented leaves and white, pink, red, or purple flowers. Called "the king of the indestructible plants," the species tolerates the dangerous trifecta of plant-killers: drought, low light, and really low humidity. One of many sansevierias, the snake plant is tough to kill.

The leaves are typically stiff, sharp, and spikey. This evergreen shrub, also known as an umbrella tree, can grow 15 feet outside, but under the watch of a forgetful gardener it will grow more slowly indoors. Like many plants, it can be mildly toxic. Place this beauty by a curtained window, protecting new leaves from extra sun. With filtered light, the showy plant is one happy camper.

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English Ivy.

18 Best Indoor Trees for Every Room of Your House

Tropical houseplants can bring color and exotic flair to your home even if you live in a colder climate. While some tropical houseplants are best known for their eye-popping flowers, others are loved for their large, unusually patterned or variegated leaves. The tropical plants in this list can be grown indoors in any climate, but many can also be overwintered indoors in cooler climates and then brought outdoors in the summer. The following tropical plants can be grown indoors to bring a bit of the jungle or rainforest into your living room, bath, or bedroom.

17 Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) to Grow in Your Living Room · 1. Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia) · 2. Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata).

How To Keep Potted Plants Alive

People have become more and more conscious about the environment, and thus there is a sharp rise in green space. Since confined spaces are on the incre. Since confined spaces are on the increase especially in urban cities, therefore a new trend that goes by the name of Indoor plants. An indoor garden may be a haven from the outside world and a source of tremendous joy for many people. Introducing specific plants into your home, whether you live in a little apartment or a large house, will start to improve your health and overall pleasure. What are Indoor Plants? Indoor Plants are the low light plants that can thrive when kept at indoor locations. These are perfect for places that don't get adequate sunlight. How to take care of Indoor Plants? By now, you must know that Indoor plants do not require much sunlight.

The Best Houseplants, From Low-Light Indoor Plants To Pet-Friendly Palms

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Indoor plants are a great way to bring the outdoors in and the longer they live, the better they seem to get. Not only can indoor plants grow stunning foliage and make your home feel more lively, but they can also live alongside you for many years with the proper care and conditions.

22 Indoor Plants Perfect for the Small-Space Gardener (and How to Care for Them!)

Do you love plants, but find that gardening stresses you out? Plenty of people struggle to keep plants alive at first, but with time, practice and a little instruction, anyone can learn to do it. While the rules for all plants are fairly similar, they will differ slightly depending on the environment your plant is going to be living in. Here are our best tips to keep houseplants alive:. Drainage is extremely important for your plant.

25 Indoor House Plants To Buy If You Know Your Spider Plant From Your Aloe Vera

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Little greenery inside the house revitalizes the soul and senses. Having indoor home plants have been practised for ages, but what has changed is the choice of plants. Items 1 - 18 ofWhile indoor plants for home and interior gardens have become a global trend now, they have been a part of homes for ages.

If you're looking for an indoor plant that's both decorative and that will do just fine—and even fruit—in a big pot in your living room.

10 sun-loving houseplants that can take the heat

Liven up your home with these winter-hardy houseplants. In many areas, winter months lend themselves to cold, snowy weather, and consequently warm, toasty homes. Keeping greenery in your home throughout the bleak months of winter is sure to brighten the spirit.

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Australian House and Garden. We all have that one space in our home that's hard to style — a blank wall, an empty corner, that awkward spot under the stairs — a sad spot that brings the rest of your beautiful home down. But fear not! We've found a quick and affordable solution for these hard-to-navigate zones, guaranteed to inject life into your interior: big leafy indoor plants.

From last-minute digital gift cards to crowd-pleasing plants—you've come to the right place for a green gift they'll love. Treat yourself this holiday season by signing up for a monthly subscription box.

If you ask us, a plant-filled home is a happy home. Take a peek and pick up a few stylish design tips below. No need to stick to pots and vases for your indoor plants. Garland greenery is perfect here. Decide whether you want to go with real florals, dried varieties, or faux ones. Then, add in candles, votives, and vases and weave your flowers and foliage through these accents for a full and textured look. Make sure your centerpiece runs the length of your table.

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