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Leyland cypress: king of the hedges

Leyland cypress: king of the hedges

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The leyland cypress is certainly one of the most used conifers for forming a hedge.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cupressocyparis leylandii
Family : Cupressaceae

: up to 20 m
Exposure : Sunny to shade
Ground : ordinary, well drained

: Persistent

Extremely fast growing, it will quickly hide you from view but also from the wind if necessary.

Planting leyland cypress

The leyland cypress or Leylandii is usually planted as a hedge.

Planting takes place at autumn, but it can also be up to March-April outside of frost periods.

  • For a cypress hedge, a space of 80 cm between each shrub is necessary
  • Water well the first year after planting

After planting, you can mulch the base to prevent weeds from invading their base but also to protect them from the cold.

  • In both cases, maritime pine bark are perfectly adapted but quite different mulching will perform this function perfectly.

Growth of Leyland cypress:

Leyland cypresses are chosen because they are among the fastest growing shrubs.

Well planted and watered, the Leyland cypress can gain several tens of centimeters per year.

> To accelerate the growth of cypress:

First, it should be planted well at the base to ensure good rooting and therefore good recovery.

Then, regular watering the first year and then when the weather is hot will allow it to meet its water needs.

Adding fertilizer in spring and fall will give it a boost to develop better.

Finally, regular pruning will give more vigor to the Leyland cypress.

Pruning leyland cypress

If no pruning is done, the cypress can reach almost 20 m high and will be characterized by a conical shape.
In hedge, you will choose the waist height you want and the thickness.

  • Preferably prune your Leyland cypress trees end of summer or to early spring.
  • Do not hesitate to prune frankly because the cypress grows very ... very quickly.

Leyland cypress pruning:

A good pruning end of August in itself will guarantee perfectly controlled growth.

This is also when the sap descends and therefore you will reduce the growth of cypress trees.

The spring pruning is done in rising sap and accelerates the growth of cypress, this is ideal for hide quickly prying eyes

  • Watch out for the growth of this conifer if you have neighbors because it can quickly become problematic
  • Also find our hedge trimming advice

Diseased Leyland cypress

Although fairly hardy and disease resistant, leyland cypress is sometimes prone to certain fungi, some even devastating cypress.

  • Few in number, we nevertheless find the cypress canker. The branches turn brown and die and this can cause the tree to die back.
  • Warning ! This attack can doom an entire hedge.

All you need to know about Leyland cypress

Cypresses are excellent windbreak ready to withstand all squalls.

They also have resistant to disease and pollution.

From an aesthetic point of view, it does not present any particular advantage other than keeping a deep green all year round and a big opacity power.

Finally, be aware that if your climate is hot in summer, the Leyland cypress will not be the ideal conifer because it needs water.

Even if it is very similar, the cypress is not to be confused with the thuja.

Smart tip

In hedge, think carefully about the height of pruning in order to determine the leyland cypress planting distance !

Respect a distance of 80 cm to 1 m for a classic hedge of about 1.80 to 2 m high.

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