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Detox program for spring

Detox program for spring

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Evacuate, give your body a boost to feel lighter as the sunny days approach, that is the role of the detox program.

Here are some rules to follow to detoxify your body and lose some weight without too much effort.

Choosing the right dish can make all the difference

The key is to choose fruits and vegetables with certain characteristics that allow these toxins that prevent our body from functioning properly to be released.

This detox program can certainly be practiced intensely over a short period (from three days), but the best is to include these foods daily and make them a habit: the body has everything to gain!

Optimize the evacuation of toxins

Put the avocado on the menu, theartichoke, the beet, the cress, the carrot, theeggplant and the cabbage in all its forms. These vegetables are true toxin elimination soldiers. Their characteristic is that they are rich in potassium, fiber or vitamins A and C, which are good vectors for sending as many toxins as possible to the kidneys and the colon for elimination. On the fruit side, favor the Apple, the Kiwi, the banana, thepineapple, the lemon where the blueberries. In addition to the elements already mentioned, they contain pectin known to facilitate the elimination of toxins. Finally, natural flavor enhancers shouldn't be overlooked! The thyme and savory reduce fermentation in the gut whilegarlic and the parsley stimulate the kidneys.

Change your habits

Contrary to popular belief, the detox program is by no means a draconian diet: eating less or going on a fast would have the opposite effect on your body. Because the metabolism slows down if it is supplied with less energy, while the removal of toxins requires, on the contrary, to activate it. It is therefore better to eat, in good quantities, and regularly.

The ideal is to accompany this program with a little sport, another way of naturally pushing the toxins towards the exit.

And of course, drink a lot, preferably still water, sparkling water tending to complicate digestion. For those who quickly tire of water, do not hesitate to replace it with flavored green teas or infusions, to be consumed without moderation!

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