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Youthful blow on the hedge

Youthful blow on the hedge

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Late summer is a great time for light pruning on shrubs and ornamental plants.

The goal: to make them look great until next spring.

Topiary plant sculptures do not tolerate protruding young shoots. Of course, you will have already made sure to remove it throughout the summer. This is the last intervention before winter to keep them looking clean and crisp. With your hedge shears, even out the foliage. Don't forget to place a tarp at the base of your topiaries to collect all the pruned branches and leaves all at once.

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Original topiaries

The rosemary lends itself well to the game of topiary as long as it is pruned very regularly to prevent it from making wood. You can also drive your shrub honeysuckles in topiary, their fine foliage makes up balls and cones that are much admired. Prune the lavender into a regular ball, cutting off the faded flowers at the base.

Do not hesitate to get started in topiary on larger subjects, for example transforming conifers that are too thick with a spiral pruning.

To do this, materialize a spiral using a string that you will wind from the base of the tree to its top by hanging it on the twigs.

Cut the length of the path with a pair of shears or pruning shears, depending on the thickness of the tree's foliage.

Remove the string, and dig the foliage along the notch, rounding the corners.

Your conifer will be unrecognizable and will transform the look of your garden.

Ornamental shrubs

To revive your ornamental shrubs, restore them to a harmonious shape and encourage new growth, prune lightly with shears or secateurs.

On trees with variegated foliage, cut off all twigs whose leaves have turned solid green, flush with their insertion point.

On shrubs with colorful foliage, trim the tips of the twigs.

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