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Daylily, easy and spectacular

Daylily, easy and spectacular

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This beautiful perennial from the liliaceae family features a wide variety of colorful flowers.

Rustic and virtually maintenance free, it is the ideal plant for easy gardening.

Daylily is not afraid of cold or drought and adapts to any type of soil.

It can stay in place for years. Its petals are edible and add color to summer salads. In short, that's good!

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Daylily, an infinite variety

Daylily has inspired nurserymen. Since his arrival in our regions in the 19th centurye century (she comes from Asia and Central Europe), they have continuously hybridized to produce thousands of cultivars. As a result, today the choice is vast, with both small plants ideal for ground cover and larger ones to place at the bottom of a bed or under trees.

The star-shaped flowers, often two-tone, offer an endless choice of shades and can be single or double. Called "day lilies", they wither each evening to give way to new inflorescences the next day.

Culture of daylily

Plant your daylily in early spring or fall in a large hole, in the sun or partial shade. Mix the filling soil with mature compost if your soil is poor, with sand if it is clayey, and mulch.

The daylily goes well with the rose bushes which it adorns the foot thanks to its thick foliage. It can also bring a touch of color under your trees or look beautiful in your flower beds. Respect 30 cm of planting distance between each plant.

Once your daylily is planted, you have almost nothing more to do: weeding the old foliage each spring is enough. Daylily has few enemies, only the midge (a midge) can pose a threat by laying its eggs in flower buds. If you notice that these are abnormally swollen, open them to check for maggots. If so, remove the affected buttons. In case of recurrence, choose a late species, which is unlikely to be affected.

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