The kokedama: an easy maintenance

The kokedama: an easy maintenance

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Making a kokedama is one thing. Themaintainis another.

But don't worry! Unlike bonsai, the kokedamadoes not require permanent maintenance and by following a few simple rules, you will be able to enjoy your "foam ball" for longer.

Watering kokedama: the key to success

When to water?

To know when you need to water, trust the foam. She is the best indicator:

  • If it's wet, so is the earth inside. In this case, no need to water.
  • On the other hand, if it is dry, you must proceed to watering.

A quick daily check will ensure that your kokedama is well hydrated.

How to water?

Several techniques are possible to water your kokedama.

  • Funnel watering

When creating your kokedama, you can make a watering well. Then just insert a small funnel and add the water in small strokes to allow time for the earth to absorb it.

  • Using a watering can

This technique allows a wateringgently and also allows time for the substrate to absorb water.

  • Soak the kokedama

The least recommended method, it has the big drawback of saturating the earth ball with water and turning it into mud. In the long run, your kokedama will spoil faster.

Smart tip

avoid using tap water to water your kokedama. If it is too chalky, it can be harmful to the moss or even to the plant. Instead, use rainwater or bottled water.

Add fertilizer to the kokedama

After a while, the land of your kokedama will become poor. You will then have to provide the necessary nutrients for the plant yourself.
About 5 or 6 months after the creation of your kokedama, fertilize the earthby diluting a small dose offertilizerfor orchids in the irrigation water. Repeat the operation every two weeks.

The size of the kokedama

As the plant grows, some leaves or stems may lose vitality when they get too old. To avoid unnecessary exhaustion of your plant, trim them at their base.

This will facilitate the emergence of new, more vigorous growth.

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