Magic potions as fertilizer and treatment

Magic potions as fertilizer and treatment

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Brew your homemade potions!

Infusions, decoctions, liquid manure… Take advantage of the virtues of plants to make fertilizers

and natural and inexpensive treatments.

Some plants can help others thrive, fight disease, or scare away insects and pests. Well known to organic gardeners, their active ingredients are extracted in different ways. All are easy to install, ecological and economical.

The infusion

As the name suggests, this involves infusing a plant in boiling water, filtering it and then diluting it to spray it on the plants to be treated.

An infusion of pods ofgarlic can thus be used as repellent against aphids, snails, the fly carrot

The chamomile will be both fortifying and insect repellent (against the cabbage worm and aphids, just like wormwood).

  • Count 100 g of plants for 1 liter of water. Use rainwater and let steep for a day.

The decoction

In decoction, the garlic decoction East fungicide and insecticide, wormwood helps fight against slugs, aphids, the ants

After soaking the plant for 24 hours in cold water, boil the mixture for 20 minutes, filter and spray.

  • Count 100 g of fresh plant (20 grams of dry plant) for one liter of water.


It makes it possible to manufacture liquid manure Use as a spray to treat foliage or in water to stimulate plant growth.

Rich in nitrogen, nettle manure is a fertilizer well known. It also helps fight against mildew, tomato mildew, thepowdery mildew and the aphids.

The horsetail manure acts like a fungicide. Containing potash, calcium and phosphorus, comfrey manure compose a ideal fertilizer for young plants, roses and fruit vegetables.

  • Mix 1 kg of chopped plants in 10 liters of water, let ferment for 5 to 10 days, stirring regularly, when the bubbles have disappeared, the manure is ready.

And also…

Thegarlic contains sulfur, ideal for preventing fungal diseases. Plant it at the foot of peach against the blister.

The coffee grounds is a fertilizer rich in nitrogen and mineral salts that you can easily use to enrich the soil of your pots and houseplants. It can also be placed on an anthill to scare away its inhabitants.

To read: “I prepare my potions for the garden”, by Brigitte and Serge Lapouge, Easy & Bio Collection, published by Terre Vivante.

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