February in the garden, all the advice

February in the garden, all the advice

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The vegetation is gradually regaining its rights and the days are getting longer.

But while some days make us think that spring is not far away, others remind us that it is still winter!

So take advantage of this month of February to prepare your garden for this new season that is coming.

Choose the flowers you are going to plant and the seeds you are going to sow.

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Trees and shrubs in February

This is the very last moment to crash your bare root trees and shrubs.

  • However, care must be taken to ensure that it does not freeze.
  • Follow our advice on planting trees and shrubs.
  • For the creation of a hedge, find all our hedge advice

Concerning the shrubs purchased in pots or containers, there is no rush, you will have until the end of spring to plant them.

It is possible, once again if it does not freeze, of prune summer flowering shrubs

Garden flowers

If you had the right idea to plant winter bulbs in the fall, you will then have the pleasure of seeing beautiful spots of color appearing soon.

Thanks to crocus, to the aconites winter, to snowdrops, to the firsts tulips or thanks to bulbous irises, your garden will soon be colorful.

You can start to plant biennials like the primroses, the thoughts, or the forget-me-not.

  • These plantations no longer fear anything in the regions south of the Loire
  • Wait until mid-February in areas further north.

Vegetable garden in February

From February it is possible to sow many vegetables, under cover and even in the ground in regions with a mild climate.

So, in the south and in regions with mild winter climate, it is possible to sow in the ground the beets, the carrots, the chervil, thechive, the chicory, thespinach, the beans, thechewed up, theparsley, theleeks, thepeas, thesalsify, theonions, thesorrel, theradish or the scorsonères.

On the other hand, we can sow under a frame, cauliflower, the lettuce, the melon, the peppers and peppers or the tomatoes.

We will plant thegarlic, the shallots and the first potatoes under shelter.

  • Also findthe February lunar calendar for gardening with the moon

Maintenance of roses

It is from mid-February that you can start to prune your roses.

  • Follow our tips for pruning roses.

The planting bare root roses is still possible.
Do not delay too much, because in March it will be too late, especially if the climate is milder.

  • Follow our rose planting tips.

If it isn’t done yet there is still time toto amend the earth with manure in order to nourish the earth in depth.

Fruit trees in February

There is still time to plant your fruit trees always avoiding periods of frost.

Take advantage of this month to make a pruning on your apple and pear trees if it hasn't been done yet.

  • Follow our advice on how to cut them properly.

At the end of the month, if you feel that the first beautiful days will soon let a few flowers bloom, treat the fruit trees with the Bordeaux mixture in preventive treatment.


This is the time to prune conifers if you want to reduce their antlers or balance their silhouette.

This is not necessary and should only be done if your conifers have become too bulky.

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