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Peony: benefits and virtues

The officinal peony(Paeonia officinalis) is not only a pretty spring flower appreciated in gardens, it is also a plant that offers many health benefits and virtues.

  • Gardening: how to grow peony well

Peony and its health benefits

Formerly used for its qualities antispasmodics and to treat theepilepsy and prevent convulsions, the peony is now used as much in the field of cosmetology as in medicine.

  • Particularly beneficial for skin, the peony offers properties antibacterial and anti-inflammatory interesting to fight against aging tissue and treat rash.
  • Peony root has virtues antispasmodics, analgesics and sedatives. It relieves intestinal and gastric pain, facilitatesfalling asleep and extend the sleep.
  • Peony is also used in cases ofirritability and of nervousness.
  • Peony flowers are used to prepare a calming syrup, effective against coughs.

Growing peony for its benefits

There are nearly forty varieties of peony, but only officinal peony has virtues therapeutic.

  • It is an easy to grow plant that needshalf shade or fromlight sun and a groundrichfresh andwell drained.
  • Remember to tutor because the peony can break under its weight. And do not hesitate to deposit compost at the base of your plant in early fall; this will allow it to flower better in the spring.
  • Peony behaves quite well in a 40 cm pot minimum diameter.
  • Warning, the peony is a plant homebody : if it likes where it is, avoid transplanting it.
  • Gardening: how to grow peony well
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Peony in the kitchen for its benefits

The petals of peony, very colorful, can be added to your salads, in small strips, for a touch of color. You can also turn them into jam, in jelly or integrate them into a donut dough.

The whole flower can also be eatensteamed and eaten as a vegetable.

Video: English Peonies in June (September 2021).