Animal health record: a useful document

For animals, the health record has no legal value.

However, it contains very useful information in an emergency or to follow the progress of your companion.

Animal health record

How do I get it?

  • At the vet during the first vaccinations.
  • With the breeder. It is one of the mandatory documents to be provided during the sale. It proves that your animal has been examined by a professional, identified, dewormed and vaccinated before being transferred.
  • In shelters when you adopt an animal.

Obligation of the health record

Since July 3, 2004, a health passport for cats, dogs and ferrets is compulsory for travel within the European Union.

It’s like a piece of identity. Issued only by the veterinarian, it certifies that your companion is identified and up to date with his rabies vaccine.

Ireland, Sweden, Malta and the UK also require an anti-body titration.

This is a blood sample taken 30 days after the rabies vaccine to make sure it is working.

The information it contains

  • The identity of the animal (name, breed, physical description, chip or tattoo number).
  • Your contact details and those of the person who gave it to you.
  • Good to know (basic education, etc.)
  • The main infectious diseases.
  • His vaccination.
  • His deworming schedule.
  • Its breeding schedule.
  • Its weight curve.
  • A page where you can write down all the important information about their habits or health problems.
  • Useful contact details (veterinary emergencies, poison control center, person to contact if you cannot be reached, etc.).

Did you know ?

Of applications very simple for smartphones or tablets offer to create a virtual health record for your animal.

  • Having a virtual version allows you to have duplicate information in the event of loss of the paper version.
  • These applications remind you of the date of the vaccine booster, the days when the animal should be dewormed or applied to pest control products.
  • To become official, this virtual health record must be validated by your veterinarian.

Warning !some applications are not free!

What if I lost my pet's health record?

Your veterinarian has a virtual version of the health record. Just contact him and he will issue you a new one.

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Usefulness of the animal health record

The animal health record gathers all the information concerning your companion since the beginning of his life.

It's kinda sound logbook. It will be useful to anyone who has to take care of your companion in an unusual way.

  • Boarding houses for animals require the health record.
  • If a veterinarian examines your animal urgently, he will have all the data necessary to act quickly and well.

Smart advice

  • Buy a very colorful health book cover to avoid losing it. They are easily found in stores dedicated to animals.
  • Slide in your pet's health passport, birth certificate, chip or tattoo card (I-CAD document), change of ownership card (if you have adopted it) and all the documents. relating to his state of health.


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