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Buddleja: planting, pruning and care

Buddleja: planting, pruning and care

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The buddleja offers beautiful clusters of flowers that attract butterflies.

Last name : Buddleja
Family : Scrophulariaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, rather rich

: Expired -Flowering : Summer

Planting, maintenance and pruning are actions that will improve the flowering and growth of the buddleja. (Photo © cast)

Planting buddleja

Preferably in the fall or spring if purchased in a container.

During the first weeks after planting, water regularly to promote rooting.

Choose a sunny but not hot spot.

  • Follow them planting tips for the buddleja.

Buddleja size

You have 2 solutions to prune your buddleja, in all cases at the end of winter :

  • To reshape your buddleja:
    Prune the shoots from the previous year while giving the buddleja a beautiful silhouette
  • To really rejuvenate your buddleia:
    Fold severely as much as you want, it will start again.

To know about the buddleja

Also called "butterfly tree", the buddleja blooms in summer to the delight of our friends the butterflies.

Offering pretty panicles whose colors range from white to red through pink and purple, this shrub is ideal for planting in hedges but also isolated or in clumps of shrubs.

Smart tip about buddleja

Prune short from November. This will give your shrub even more vigor!

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