Bougainvillea: a climber apart

Bougainvillea: a climber apart

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Bougainvillea is a beautiful climbing plant with gorgeous pink or red flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Bougainvillea
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Type : Climbing shrub

Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rather light

Foliage : Persistent -Flowering : Summer

Maintenance and pruning are actions that sustainably improve the growth and flowering of the bougainvillea. (Photo © Benshot)

Planting bougainvillea

Planting bougainvillea is an important step because it is this that will determine the recovery, flowering and good growth of your plant.

Bougainvillea outdoors:

Bougainvillea tolerates growing in the ground only in areas with mild winters. It is not frost resistant.

If you live in the Mediterranean region, plant it preferably in spring in a light earth.

  • The ideal is a mixture of soil from the garden, potting soil and sand.
  • Bougainvillea should be planted at a warm place and will need to be home in the winter if it freezes in your area.
  • So choose a place sheltered from the wind and preferably at the foot of a support to make it climb.

Bougainvillea in a pot:

Cultivation of bougainvillea in pots is recommended wherever temperatures drop below 0 ° in winter. This will allow you to bring it into a bright place where it does not freeze during winter.

  • Place your bougainvillea in a potting soil for flowering plants.
  • Repotting in spring in a pot of slightly larger diameter.

Get a spectacular bloom with a special bougainvillea fertilizer

  • Multiply easily your bougainvilleas by cuttings or layering in spring.

Bougainvillea size

The size of the bougainvillea is not really essential, it is not even recommended when it is too severe.

The flowers do indeed appear on the wood of the previous year and any pruning would therefore eliminate the chances of flowering for the coming year.

But it is often interesting tobalance the antlers to prevent your shrub from becoming misshapen.
It is therefore necessary to avoid pruning the whole bougainvillea, a light and progressive pruning over the years is quite suitable.

  • So prune it at the end of winter, after any risk of freezing.
  • Remove branches that are too long and restore it to a bushy shape.
  • Remove an old branch each year to renew the vegetation.

During flowering, remove faded flowers over time to stimulate the appearance of new inflorescences.

While watering can be generous in summer, reduce the frequency in winter. Let the soil dry between 2 waterings.

  • Findall the climbers and new planting ideas

Maintenance of bougainvillea by season

Bougainvillea in spring:

Now is the time to take your bougainvillea out of its vegetative rest by taking the regular waterings.

As soon as the frosts end, you can take it out.

Bougainvillea in summer:

Bring regularly, every two weeks or so, a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants to stimulate flowering.
Reduce fertilizer input at the end of summer in order to stop entirely in early fall.

Get spectacular flowering with a special bougainvillea fertilizer

Bougainvillea in winter:

If you live further north and it freezes in your area, it should be pot grown to be home and frost-free Winter.

To do this, choose a unheated room where the temperature does not drop below 8-10 °

  • They like them greenhouses or unheated verandas which give maximum brightness.

It is possible that leaves fall in winter after a cold snap.
This doesn't have to doom your shrub because it is even quite common.

  • Watering side, you should only water when the soil is dry in depth.

Bougainvillea diseases

Bougainvillea is quite a hardy plant, especially when it can be grown outdoors.

Indoors, it needs to find the natural growing conditions to avoid wasting away.

  • Regular misting of the foliage with soft water provides the ambient humidity it needs.

If the leaves turn brown and end up curling up, it is certainly aboutan aphid attack

If the leaves turn yellow, it is certainly abouta mealybug attack.

All you need to know about bougainvillea

This very beautiful climbing shrub native to South America adapts very well to the Mediterranean climate.

Tropical plant (even subtropical), the bougainvillea did not appear in France until the end of the 18th century after the botanist Philibert Commerson, attached to the Brazilian expedition, discovered this flower which he named the bougainvillea in homage to its commander. Bougainville.

It will become so synonymous with adventure in the language of flowers.

Bougainvillea is one of the scented climbing plants.

Smart tip

To have a spectacular bloom, bring a special organic bougainvillea fertilizer from spring to summer.

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