10 easy-to-grow vegetables

Starting a vegetable garden is not always easy, especially when you don't know much about growing vegetables.

However, growing your own vegetables is much easier than it sounds!

Time and experience will be your best allies to improve yourself but, to begin with, there are also easy to grow vegetables.

10 easy-to-grow vegetables

If you are looking for easy vegetables to keep the garden fun and not become a hassle, here is a list of vegetables that require little care, sometimes just regular watering, and which grow on their own.

By clicking on each of the links, you will have access to all the cultivation advice throughout the seasons.

This is the guarantee of good growth and a good harvest at the end!

  • The carrots
  • The lettuce
  • The radish
  • The potatoes
  • The spinach
  • The pumpkins
  • The courgettes
  • The cucumbers
  • The leeks
  • The tomatoes

If you want to go further, you should not have great difficulty in cultivating the pea or the bean.

You can also enjoy a small corner of the vegetable patch, the garden or even the balcony to cultivate most of the aromatic plants

Smart tip about the first vegetable patch

No need to start field crops the first year. Just try a few vegetables in small quantities, this is how you can give them the most attention and learn for bigger harvests in the following years.

Do not hesitate to delimit each culture, like a vegetable patch, in order to find your way there.

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