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Brunnera macrophylla: the Caucasian forget-me-not

Brunnera macrophylla: the Caucasian forget-me-not

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Brunnera is a pretty biennial particularly appreciated for its foliage and blue forget-me-not flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brunnera macrophylla
Family : Boraginaceae
Type : Biennial

: 30 to 50 cm
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground : Rather rich and fresh

: Expired -Flowering : March to May

Often used as a rock garden, border or flower bed, it is a plant that reseeds itself to advantageously cover your bare soil.

Planting brunnera

For flowering in spring, it is recommended to plant brunneras in the fall in a mixture of soil, potting soil and possibly an organic amendment.

The spring planting is quite possible and even necessary for annual and biennial varieties.

Regarding sowing, prefer a sowing in place from May and throughout the summer period.

  • Brunnera likes partially shaded situations in the hottest hours
  • The soil should be cool, well-drained and enriched when planting
  • In poorly drained land, Brunnera macrophylla may not spend the winter
  • Allow about 5 feet per m2

Maintenance of Brunnera

Brunnera size:

Remove faded flowers as you go, this promotes the development of new, much larger, decorative leaves.

  • Once all the flowers and leaves have faded, the plant can be removed, which often becomes unsightly.
  • Remove blackened leaves as you go

Watering the brunnera:

  • In spring we can water if it doesn't rain for a long time
  • In a pot or planter, provide more regular watering
  • In summer, water regularly during the hottest period

A regular weeding allows the plant to take its place and settle permanently.

All you need to know about brunnera

Brunnera is a pretty plant with particularly decorative foliage. It is particularly suited to cool and humid regions and it will feel best in clay soils.

Its foliage, dense and very aesthetic, offers silvery reflections and a beautiful green.

This pretty little perennial with bouquets garnished with blue flowers will find its place in your flower beds, borders or rockery, but also in a pot and in a planter to flower balconies and terraces.

Easy to maintain and fast growing for this brunnera, which blooms generously in a beautiful blue forget-me-not throughout the spring.

Finally, note that brunnera is resistant to frost and cold down to -30 °.

Smart tip about brunnera

Avoid too hot sunny conditions because brunnera fears summer drought.

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