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Mulberry tree: a beautiful shade tree

Mulberry tree: a beautiful shade tree

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The plane mulberry is a very beautiful tree, particularly appreciated for its superb foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Morus Kagayamae, morus australis
Family: Moraceae
Height: 5 to 15 m

Exhibition: Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Foliage: Lapsed -Flowering: Summer

Easy to grow, the plane mulberry tree will quickly become one of the most beautiful trees in your garden.

Planting mulberry plane tree

Planting is an important stage because it will facilitate the recovery and growth of the plane mulberry tree.

It must be done in a mixture of potting soil and garden soil in a sunny corner and ideally sheltered from strong winds.

  • It is recommended plant its mulberry in autumn but the plantation in spring is quite possible provided you water well at the beginning.
  • Ensure protect the roots from the cold in winter with a mulch, especially at the beginning, because they are sensitive to strong frosts.

Growth of mulberry plane:

Relatively slow at first, the growth of the mulberry plane accelerates over the years.

If you want to speed up the tree's growth, give it tree and shrub fertilizer in the spring.

Regular watering the first year after planting also improves the recovery and growth of the plane mulberry tree.

Mulberry-plane tree pruning

No pruning is really necessary, as the growth is already quite slow ...

The mulberry will be all the more beautiful if you let it take its natural shape because that is where it looks the most.

If you have to prune the plane mulberry tree to reduce its branches, always do so by shortening the tree in a balanced way.

  • Pruning is best done in the fall, after the leaves have fallen.
  • Use quality tools to make clean cuts
  • A healing putty is useful, especially on larger branches.

To know about the mulberry-plane tree

Mulberry can be male or female. The male mulberry does not bear fruit while the female gives it. There are also sterile varieties which does not, by definition, bear fruit

Are the fruits of the mulberry tree edible?

The fruits of the mulberry-plane tree are perfectly edible. But beware, they are very messy.

These fruits do not have much similar with the fruits of the brambles of our campaigns, except thatthey stain just as much !

Warning ! If you buy a female mulberry, avoid planting it on a corner of your patio, avoid resting in its shade or setting a table covered with a beautiful white tablecloth!

  • The fruits of the mulberry are nevertheless edible, quite juicy and very sweet.

If you choose a male mulberry tree, you can safely meditate under its deep green foliage, as it will provide you with the shade you want during the hot summer months.

English speakers call it Kagayama.

Diseases of the blackberry-plane tree

Although quite resistant to most diseases, the mulberry plane is sometimes infested by mealybugs or aphids.

If you find that some branches are withering and dying, he may be sick from a fungus but also have suffered from a lack of water and heat.

If in doubt, remove the diseased branches and destroy them by burning them or by putting them directly to the recycling center.

Affected or not by a parasite, the fruits of the mulberry plane remain edible.

Tip about the plane tree mulberry

Better known as the midday sun, the mulberry tree also grows very well on the Atlantic coast, provided it is protected from strong winds.

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