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Daphne, winter flower

Daphne, winter flower

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A scent of jasmine and spices, a generous flowering from January to the end of March ... In winter, when flowering is rare, daphne comes to enchant the garden.

With daphne, the plant world offers us one of its perfumes the most extraordinary.

Exotic, powerful, very flowery with notes ofeyelets, of jasmines and of hyacinths enhanced with a spicy hint of cloves, it scents several meters away!

Besides its scent, daphne is also adorned with a lovely bloom, a rare generosity at this time of year.

Its very nuanced flowers, from white, to pink and purple, bloom in number for long weeks. They are followed by a profusion of small, very colorful berries.

Daphne, welcome fragrance

The best location for this shrub is undoubtedly at the entrance to the house. Plant three feet near your main door or any other passageway so as not to miss its enchanting scents.

Accompany them with heather, early flowering bulbs (aconite winter, daffodils and crocus botanicals).

Combined with low invasive ground cover plants, they will benefit from good protection against drought.

The keys to daphne's success

Buy your daphne at the time of flowering to choose the subject that scents the most. In general, plants with dark flowers give off a more potent fragrance than forms with light flowers. Wait for the end of flowering to install it in the garden.

The daphne fears stagnant humidity, heavy, compact, asphyxiating earth, excessive heat and strong sun. He likes his roots to be kept cool during the summer.

A mulching can help, as can regular watering as soon as the temperature rises above 25 ° C. Rather slow growing, it is well suited to small gardens.

Apart from removing dead or damaged twigs, it does not require any pruning. A too strong cut can even cause the sudden death of the twig, or even of the plant.

Smart tip about daphne

Daphne toxicity:

All daphne are toxic by ingestion, so reserve their cultivation in gardens that are not frequented by young children.

Contact of the sap on the skin can cause allergic reactions, wear gloves when cutting daphne.

Visual: Daphné mezereum Rubra (The Plant of the month).

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