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Hawthorn: a very beautiful shrub

Hawthorn: a very beautiful shrub

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Hawthorn is a shrub, often used for a defensive hedge, which is also very ornamental.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Crataegus
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree, shrub

: 3 to 8 m
Exposure : sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : Spring

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Its leaves, as well as its discreet flowering or its pretty berries are its main assets.

How to plant a hawthorn

Hawthorn planting takes placein the fall or in the springbut, as with all shrubs, the ideal time is always fall.

By planting your shrubs in the fall you improve rooting before winter and therefore recovery in spring.

If you plant in spring, remember to water regularly after planting to facilitate recovery.

  • The hawthorn likes sunny situations or partially shaded to optimize flowering.
  • When planting, mix your garden soil with planting soil.
  • In hawthorn hedge, respect a distance of 80 to 100 cm between each hawthorn.
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Pruning and maintenance of hawthorn

Hawthorn is very easy to grow and requires little care when properly established.

  • Water in case of prolonged drought and / or hot weather, especially 2-3 years after planting.

Properly prune a hawthorn:

The hawthorn pruning is not essential unless it is part of a hedge and, in which case, they will need to be pruned regularly.

Unpruned, hawthorn can grow large and the diameter of its branches large.

  • For tree formation, keep only the strongest stem and remove the others when planting.
  • To build a hedge, prune in spring, but always after flowering.

Harvesting hawthorn flowers and berries

In hawthorn, all parts of the shrub are of interest, flowers and fruits. We can thus harvest the flowers, leaves and berries.

When to harvest the flowers:

Picking takes place during flowering but especially at the beginning when there are very few leaves.

  • Make sure you only harvest the flowers, without any leaves or twigs.
  • Dry the flowers by spreading them out on the ground in a dry and ventilated place, with low light and without direct sunlight.
  • Hawthorn flowers can be stored in an airtight box, like a shoebox, protected from light

Harvesting hawthorn leaves:

The best time to harvest the leaves is in the spring, when the leaves are still young.

  • The leaves can be stored in an airtight box, like a shoebox, protected from light

Harvesting hawthorn berries:

Hawthorn berries are harvested in the fall or winter.

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Species and varieties of hawthorn

There are many varieties of decorative hawthorns such as:

  • "Autumn Glory": in beautiful fall colors.
  • "Mutabilis" : With double flowers, open pink and turn pale.
  • "Paul’s Scarlet" : with double flowers, bright pink.
  • Hawthorn monogynous (crataegus monogyna) has identical appearance and properties. Its leaves turn out to be smaller and more indented.

To know about hawthorns

Often used in defensive hedge, hawthorn is nonetheless a very beautiful tree with well-cut foliage and generous flowering.

Both rustic and easy to maintain, this tree will also satisfy you with its great adaptation to the soil and climate of your region.

The leaves take varied shades from spring to autumn, while beautiful berries will adorn the hawthorn from late summer until early winter.

Although edible, hawthorn berries are bland and floury when raw but are of great interest to birds.

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Use of hawthorn berries

The hawthorn berries, these famous small red balls are edible, just like the leaves elsewhere.

We thus use the berries for the realization of jellies and jams and the infused leaves.

Its berries have relaxing and laxative properties that are also found in many natural herbal treatments.

Note also that hawthorn flowers are just as virtuous.

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Smart tip

If you need to protect yourself from tricky passages in your garden, use hawthorn because it is very spicy!

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