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Pruning hedges, the best period

Pruning hedges, the best period

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When to trim a hedge, when is the best time and what is the correct technique?

Often used to demarcate a property or simply to create different spaces in a garden, the hedge generally requires little maintenance, other than trimming it once or twice a year.

Follow our tips for having a beautiful hedge all year round.

When to prune a hedge

The hedge is made up of shrubs whose growth is activated twice a year, at spring and at the end of summer.

You will wait until the end of these 2 growth periods to prune, so you will maintain the shape and size you have given them as long as possible.

  • You will therefore prune at the end of winter, before March 15 and in September October.
  • The LPO recommends that you do not prune the hedges from March 15 to the end of July in order to wait for the last young birds to take off.
  • The law prohibits the trimming of hedges from March 15 to July 31.

But be careful, nothing forces you to scrupulously respect these periods, because the hedges can be trimmed more regularly, it will just take a little more work.

Concerning the flowering hedges, wait for it end of flowering before pruning.

How to prune a hedge

Properly trimming a hedge is the guarantee of maintaining the hedge over the years, keeping it thick enough to hide and optimizing the growth of the hedge.

  • It is necessary that the base is wider than the top.
    This helps to give light to all the shrubs that make up the hedge.
  • Use a electric or thermal hedge trimmer for hedges over 5 m, this provides more precision and above all greater comfort in size.
  • The use of a branch trimmer is necessary for larger branches.
  • The shears allow you to be more precise, especially for low hedges.

Shrubs suitable for hedges

There are a good number of hedge shrubs, but some are particularly suitable because they support pruning very well.

Thus, theArbutus, theprivet, the weigelia, the leyland cypress, the camellia, thephotinia or theflowering currantare suitable for the size of a hedge.

  • You can also go to green all year round and create a persistent hedge.
  • Promote flowering shrubs and create a hedge that blooms with the seasons.
  • Attract birds using berry shrubs.
  • Learn how to create a free hedge, better bulwark against diseases and parasites.

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