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Stonecrop, the spectabile fall sedum

Stonecrop, the spectabile fall sedum

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The sedum spectacle is one of the most common and interesting for our gardens.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Sedum spectabile
Family : Crassulaceae
Type : Perennial, succulent plant

: 20 to 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny or partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Expired -Flowering : August to October

Planting sedum

Sedum is an easy plant that can be planted easily from spring to fall.

  • Sedum is not very sensitive to the nature of the soil but it dreads excess water like soil that is often flooded
  • He likes full sun and is not afraid of the heat
  • Adding soil to the plantation will improve growth and flowering

Sedum in pot, tray and planter:

Sedum is perfectly suited to growing in pots or in a planter.

  • Use potting soil
  • Make sure that the pot, tray or planter is well drilled at the bottom because the water must be able to drain properly
  • Water when you see that the soil is very dry
  • Repotting is best done in spring or fall, but it should normally be able to live for several years in the same container.

Multiplication of sedum:

This sedum is propagated by division of the clump in early spring (during March) or by cuttings in the fall after flowering.

Size and maintenance of spectabile sedum

Very easy to grow and maintain, sedum requires almost no care when properly installed.

There are a few things you can do to improve the growth and flowering of your sedums, orpins:

You can water more during the growing season, but limit the number of waterings the rest of the time to the strict minimum.

Should we cut the sedum, stonecrop?

Cut short in the spring to stimulate the next bloom.

Good to know about spectabile sedum

Stonecrop is one of the most common sedums and adapts perfectly to any type of climate or soil.

Easy to maintain, this plant is suitable for both arid and wet soils. It is appreciated as a ground cover and its high tolerance to drought as well as difficult growing situations.

Sedum is also resistant to severe frosts since its hardiness is in the order of -15 °.

You will install it mainly in your borders or along your paths but also in your containers and planters on the balcony and terrace.

As the crassula, it is part of the large Crassulaceae family.

Smart tip about sedum

If you like butterflies, plant stonecrop because they attract them!

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