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Currency of the Pope, the weed of the shields

Currency of the Pope, the weed of the shields

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The Pope's Currency or Ecus Grass is an easy plant that offers very pretty flowers in spring.

Last name : Lunaria annua
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Biennial

: 50 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich, well drained

: Expired -Flowering : Spring

Pope's coin plantation

Purchased in a bucket, the Monnaie du Pape is planted in spring or at the end of summer.

  • The pope's currency likes partially sunny situations, the half shade being ideal.
  • A rich soil allows it to give the maximum number of flowers throughout the flowering period.
  • Avoid soils that are too dry and / or too wet.
  • The pot culture of the pope's currency is quite possible.

Sowing of the pope's money:

In sowing, prefer a seedlings in the nursery in the spring with placement in late summer or the following spring.

You can directly sow in place from June to September.

It is possible to recover the seeds of this plant when the capsules become transparent.
They should then be kept in an envelope and reseeded the following year.

Maintenance of the Pope's currency

Very easy to maintain, the Pope's coin requires so little care that we would end up forgetting it if it were not noticed by its pretty bloom and its pearly shields.

If you really want to pamper her, remove the faded flowers as you go.

In the fall, leave a few crowns in place so that the plant reseeds spontaneously.

To know about the Pope's currency

This is one of the easiest plants to care for thanks to its ability to reseed itself.

Its mauve or purple flowers delight our gardens in spring and are adorned with pretty translucent medallions at the end of summer.

It adapts perfectly to wild gardens and massifs but also to the realization of bouquets of dried flowers at the end of summer.

Its Latin name lunaria annua literally translates as annual lunar, probably because of its pretty pearly moon-shaped shields. It is also often found as ’grass with crowns.

Note that there is a variety of Perennial Pope's currency, calledLunaria rediviva.

Smart tip

For the sowing, it is important to weed as you go and water in order to maintain a certain humidity.

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