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Marshmallow: pretty medicinal flower

Marshmallow: pretty medicinal flower

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Marshmallow, or althaea officinalis, is both cultivated as a medicinal plant for its therapeutic properties and as an ornamental plant for its pretty flowers.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Althaea officinalis
Family : Malvaceae
Type : Aromatic plant, perennial

: 1 to 1.5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich enough

Flowering : June to September -Harvest : Summer

  • Health: discover the benefits and virtues of marshmallow

Growing marshmallows well

Marshmallows need sunlight, ideally a fairly mild sun and moist, rich soil that tolerates salt meadows well.

Sowing, planting marshmallow:

Perform a sowing in place from May-June or at the latest in July.

Marshmallow Size:

All parts of the plant (roots, leaves and flowers) can be taken for consumption.

Wait until summer to cut them.


Avoid planting your marshmallow near hollyhocks because rust attacks can be very violent.

Marshmallow in a jar?

Growing marshmallows in pots is not really a success, we strongly advise against it.

Beware of little animals!

If the marshmallow is spared by small animals, it is on the other hand very prone to rust.

Marshmallow varieties

Only the harvested species is known. On the other hand, we can speak of another species: the Hollyhock (alcea rosea), also known as alcea rose, passerose or tree mallow, which is grown as an ornamental.

Hollyhocks are used for the same purposes as marshmallows. However, its root is found to be less rich in mucilage. We color the drinks with the purple flowers of the hollyhock and we eat its leaves like a cooked vegetable.

To know about the marshmallow

Both a very pretty ornamental plant and recognized for its aromatic properties, the marshmallow is also used for the preparation of the confectionery that bears its name.

It is also a very honey plant.

Rich in mucilage, it is relaxing, softening and therefore is included in the composition of certain drugs, especially against coughs.

> Health: discover the benefits and virtues of marshmallow

Tip about marshmallow

The flowers are edible and can therefore perfectly complement your salads as well as your desserts.

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