Orchid: how to make it last?

Orchid: how to make it last?

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It is a prized gift, which often replaces cut flowers: the orchid, especially the phalaenopsis, seduces.

But how do you make it last more than a few months?

Advice from Michel Giraud, of the French Orchidophilia Society.

Orchid environment

The orchids sold in florists and garden centers are hybrid varieties suitable for growing in apartments.

They tolerate moderate temperatures, but not too cold.

Better to avoid going below 15 ° C. Also watch out for drafts when you ventilate the room: move your orchids to avoid the cold snap.

In summer, you can take them out into the garden and place them in the shade, but rather high up, out of reach of slugs and snails that are fond of them.

Orchid exhibition

Exposure is very important for orchids to succeed: they should be placed in a bright place, but without direct sunlight, for example near a window in the light filtered by a curtain.

Once you find a place they like, don't move them, they hate it!

Appropriate light will allow you to have the pleasure of seeing them bloom again each year.

Watering the orchid

The orchids fear excess water but appreciate humidity. To give them the right amount, water them once a week, letting the water run down the sink.

Never standing water in the saucer! On the other hand, you can place the pot on a bed of gravel that you will water regularly, in order to create a humid atmosphere around the plant.

Orchid fertilizer

The orchid needs food: a little fertilizer every two weeks.

Use a classic green plant fertilizer, half of the dose indicated on the package is sufficient.

Repotting the orchid

Liana clinging to trees in nature, the orchid has aerial roots.

In a pot, it is placed in a substrate composed of pine bark, peat and of clay balls, which deteriorates over the months, especially due to fertilizers.

It is therefore advisable to repot every two years, in a specific mixture.

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