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Stipa tenuifolia: "angel hair"

Stipa tenuifolia:

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The stipa tenuifolia, also known as angel hair, is a grass well known for its lovely golden highlights.

A popular plant, it brings a touch of naturalness to the garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Stipa tenuifolia
Family : Poaceae
Type : Perennial, grass

: 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Persistent -Flowering : May to October

Easy to maintain, it finds its place very well in a flower bed but also in a pot for its beautiful decorative effect.

Planting of stipa tenuifolia

Regardless, to spring or fall in one well-drained soil.

Choose a sunny place and prefer a location at the front of a massif in order to take full advantage of its superb ears.

  • The stipa tenuifolia is hardy and withstands temperatures down to -10 °
  • Angel hair prefers poor soils than too rich
  • Multiplication by division of the tuft in autumn.

Cutting of stipa:

The stipa tenuifolia is one of the easiest plants to cut.

  • Just take a stem with its root
  • Then plant this cutting in potting soil
  • Keep the substrate moist
  • Plant when the stem is rooted

Trim the stipa, angel hair

No pruning is really necessary, but it is preferable to cut back the stems at the end of winter to keep them looking pretty from year to year.

In fact, cutting off part of the dried out foliage stimulates the appearance of new, very green shoots.

  • Use a sharp shears for this.
  • Cut the dried part of the stipa without touching the young green shoots that are emerging

Stipa tenuifolia, angel hair

This beautiful perennial is part of the large grass family and offers magnificent golden culms from summer to fall.

You can install the stipa in perennial or shrub beds, but also in isolation or to showcase its superb foliage.

Its maintenance is very easy and the decorative effect is guaranteed from spring to winter.

The stipa is grown in beds as well as in pots, tubs or planters.

It will always be best to plant angel hair in small groups to create a natural and wild effect in the garden.

Smart tip on stipa tenuifolia

Angel hair is particularly suited to poor soils, but dreaded when it is too wet.

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