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Indian lilac: superb flowering

Indian lilac: superb flowering

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Indian lilac is a wonderful tree that blooms in summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Lagerstroemia indica
Family : Lythraceae

: 3 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

: Expired -Flowering : Summer

Planting, caring for and pruning Indian lilac contributes to the beautiful flowering and growth of Indian lilac.

Indian lilac plantation

It is recommended plant Indian lilac in the fall to promote rooting, but you can also plant it until spring, absolutely avoiding periods of frost.

In the colder regions we will thus prefer a spring planting while elsewhere we rather plant in autumn, after the leaves have fallen.

> Prefer a sheltered place wind and above all largely sunny

> Follow our planting tips.

The culture of Indian lilac in a pot is quite possible, especially in areas with harsh winters, which will allow you to protect them in winter.

Indian lilac in a pot:

  • Choose a pot of a good diameter to avoid repotting too quickly.
  • Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom.
  • At the bottom of the pot, put a drainage bed made of clay balls or gravel a few centimeters.
  • Use a soil for flowering shrubs or roses.
  • Water when the soil is dry on the surface.

Multiplication of Indian lilac:

  • Find our advice multiplication by cuttings and seedlings of Indian lilac

Growth of Indian lilac:

Considered relatively slow, the growth of Indian lilac accelerates after a few years.

It is therefore important to respect the plantation to improve growth over the years.

By giving flowering shrub fertilizer each year in the spring, you accelerate the growth and flowering of Indian lilac.

Pruning and caring for Indian lilac

Prune Indian lilac well:

The size is carried out end of winter, preferably in March, a little before or after. It is advisable to wait for a warm period to prune your tree.

  • Trim short branches of the previous year to promote the next flowering.
  • Then delete the branches that cross, making sure to leave those that go outwards and eliminate those facing the inside of the shrub.

Prune the branches that grew the previous year, leaving only a few centimeters while making sure leave a bud facing outwards of the shrub.

  • This helps keep a beautiful silhouette and balanced antlers.

Caring for Indian lilac:

Once properly established, Indian lilac requires relatively little maintenance.

  • Remember to water regularly the first year after planting.
  • Mulching in summer helps maintain a certain moisture in the soil and avoids having to water too often.
  • Applying slow release flowering shrub fertilizer in the spring will improve flowering.

Indian lilac in winter:

The Indian lilac has acclimatized well to areas that can experience fairly cold winters and is resistant to freezing temperatures and freezing down to about -15 °.

For added assurance, you can cover the base of your Indian lilac in winter with a thick mulch of dead leaves.

All you need to know about Indian lilac

A small ornamental tree with generous and abundant flowering, the Indian lilac is remarkable during all summer thanks to its magnificent clusters of bright colors.

Originally from the east, like the lilac Moreover, it was imported by a family of nurserymen from Bergerac and quickly colonized the Périgord, Dordogne, Lot and all the departments of this region.

In its natural state it is usually multi-stemmed and bushy in shape, but it is usually pruned to be sold on a stem.

In autumn, it is a superb leafy tree tinged with red, yellow and orange that is revealed.

Winter, when it has shed its leaves, you will discover a very beautiful trunk marbled with slightly pinkish gray.

In regions with mild winters, it is quite possible that Indian lilac keeps its leaves.

Smart tip

During the hot summer months, water preferably in the evening but without excess.

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