Orange tree in a pot: ideal on the terrace

Orange tree in a pot: ideal on the terrace

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The potted orange tree is a great citrus idea to grow on a balcony or patio.

Maintenance, from repotting to pruning, improves the harvest of oranges while preventing the appearance of diseases.

If the climate of most of our regions is not suitable for growing in open ground, growing an orange tree in a pot is quite possible. (Photo credit: Fotolia)

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Repotting the orange tree in a pot

The potted orange cannot draw the nutritional elements which he needs.

So it is from the pot and the soil that you are going to bring him that he will draw his reserves and his food.

Repotting the orange tree therefore has a capital importance.

  • It is carried out in springevery 2 to 3 years.
  • Choose a quality soil special citrus or plantation.
  • Make sure the bottom of the pot is well drilled
  • Place a bed of small pebbles or clay balls at the bottom of the hole to ensure excellent drainage.

Size of the orange tree in a pot

You don't really need to prune, but if you don't prune your orange tree will grow.
In pots, it is better to control its growth by pruning regularly

Cut each new shoot by about half, making sure to cut just above a leaf.
This will also allow your orange tree to keep a nice compact shape.
You may have to intervene several times during the year.

Remove dead wood as you go and possibly ventilate the interior of your fruit tree to give it back light.

Watering a potted orange tree

Watering is all the more important as the orange tree in a pot dries up much faster than if it were in the ground.
In summer, frequent watering is necessary, while in winter it is simply a matter of reducing the number of waterings.

  • It is necessary to water as soon as the soil is dry, without flooding the pot.
  • Avoid any heat source such as near a radiator, as this can dry out your tree.

In times of growth, addspecial citrus fertilizer every 15 days or so to improve fruiting.

Orange tree in pot in winter

If growing in a pot is quite suitable for the orange tree, it is also because it allows your orange tree to be placed in a a bright place where it does not freeze in winter.

The orange tree is not a houseplant and therefore cannot bear to stay in a heated room all year round.

He needs a certain freshness from October to May.

If you want to have an indoor orange tree, choose the calamondin.

It is therefore important to place it in an unheated greenhouse or veranda where the temperature does not drop below 0 °

Harvesting oranges

The harvest of oranges is usually carried out november to march.

So it's up tofrost free and maintaining a land slightly damp that you will best bring the oranges to maturity.

Common diseases in potted orange trees

Moniliosis : oranges rot on the orange tree
Cochineal : a whitish cluster invades the foliage
Aphids : leaves curl up and eventually fall

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