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Hydrangea: all maintenance tips

Hydrangea: all maintenance tips

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The inimitable hydrangea is arguably one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs to have in the garden.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hydrangea
Family : Hydrangeaceae
Type: Shrub
Height: 1 to 2 m

: Partial shade and shade
Ground : Earth mixed with heather earth

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : Summer

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Easy to grow and maintain, hydrangeas will amaze you all summer long with their magnificent flowers that range from pink to blue.

How to plant a hydrangea

Hydrangea is best planted in autumn,in heather soil, especially if your soil is limestone.

You can plant the hydrangea untilin spring and even in summer by avoiding periods of frost and high temperatures.

  • The hydrangea loves half shade, it is the assurance of a beautiful flowering.
  • Respect aspacing of 80 cm to 1 m between each foot if you want them to gain momentum.
  • Water well the first year after planting.
  • Check out our tips forplant heather plants well.

Hydrangea cutting:

It is quick and easy to cut a hydrangea.

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Hydrangea maintenance

If the interview is really very easy and hardly requires any care, a annual size will allow you to significantly improve flowering.

  • After flowering, remove faded flowers as you go
  • Water as soon as the soil is dry, hydrangeas hate drought.
  • Mulching at the base of the hydrangea helps maintain moisture in the soil longer. The pine bark or someslate, are ideal.
  • Aluminum sulfate in liquid solution will also give blue tint to your hydrangeas.

Hydrangea size:

This is one of the most important steps because pruning the hydrangea will improve the flowering and longevity of the hydrangea.

  • Preferably prune hydrangeas after the frosts, at March.
  • Find our advice sheet for prune your hydrangeas well

Sick hydrangea

Quite resistant, hydrangea does have some weaknesses that cause disease.

If white balls appear on the stems, it is undoubtedly pulvinar mealybugs.

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If a white felting appears on the underside of the leaves, it is probably the fruit of the powdery mildew.

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If your soil is too chalky, your hydrangea may turn yellow and show signs of fatigue. Enrich the soil with hydrangea fertilizer and add as much heather soil to the surface as possible.

Indoor hydrangea

From the end of winter, we find potted hydrangeas for indoors of our houses and apartments.

Maintenance of a hydrangea indoors:

  • Choose a place instead fresh and bright But without direct sun
  • Also, water so as to maintain the soil always wet but without flooding the roots

After flowering, what to do?

  • If you cannot plant it in soil and outdoors, it is no need to keep it, it will not bloom again
  • The ideal is to put it in the ground in heather soil around April or May and he will bloom again the next year

To know about the hydrangea

They are found in most gardens and almost everywhere in the world.

Native to Asia, they usually flower from early summer to late fall.

Apart from the varieties with white flowers, the flower color depends on the acidity of the soil in which the plant is installed.

Thus, the more acidic the soil, the bluer the flower will be. This means that a hydrangea planted in pure heather soil is much more likely to be perfectly blue.

He will be pink to red for neutral or rather calcareous soils.

If you have a north facing wall, climb a climbing hydrangea.

Smart tip

Add organic heather or hydrangea fertilizer each year to promote flowering.

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