Monstera: repotting, watering and care tips

Monstera is one of the favorite houseplants to decorate your home or apartment.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : monstera deliciosa, false philodendron
Family : Araceae
Type : Houseplant

Height: 1 to 3 m
: Dim light
Ground : Soil

Foliage : Persistent

Maintenance, repotting, watering or even exposure, are small gestures that will make your monstera even more beautiful.

Planting, repotting the monstera

Upon purchase, if the pot is too small, do not hesitate to repot your monstera so that it can develop properly.

Then, every year or at most every 2 years and preferably in the spring,repot your monstera in a pot with a slightly larger diameter.

  • Monstera roots dread excess water.
    Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom.
    Improve drainage by placing at the bottom of the pot a bed of gravel orclay balls to facilitate the flow of water.
  • A good soil is necessary.
    The plant, when it lives indoors, needs potting soil because only it will provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Pruning and caring for the monstera

If your monstera climbs too high, it is quite possible to cut off the head and even use that part to make a cutting.

This plant supports pruning well in general and can therefore be cut as desired and necessary, it will even allow you to rejuvenate your monstera.

Monstera exhibition

The best place for install your monstera can be near a window but without direct sunlight.

You can even install it enough away from a light source because the monstera stands very well in subdued light.

What he the most fear is too much sun because it dries up the plant.

At most the monstera receives light and the more its foliage suffers.

Absolutely avoid the proximity of a heat source like a heater because this tropical plant needs humidity.

  • The ideal temperature is around 20 °.

Watering the monstera

Watering regular but moderate is necessary.

Throughout the year and especially in summer, mist the foliage in order to recreate the humidity of its natural environment.

In spring and summer:

Hold the slightly moist potting soil and old until the water flow is correct.

Add liquid green plant food every 3 to 4 weeks or so during this growing period

  • Spray the foliage regularly preferably with water non-calcareous.

In autumn and winter:

From November to March, reduce watering so that you wait until the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.
Stop adding fertilizer.

  • Mist the leavese as much as possible, ideally every day. Always use a non-hard water.

Monstera disease

Common diseases of houseplants are mainly found,red spider and thecochineal.

To know about the monstera

A wonderful houseplant, Monstera is one of the best-selling houseplants but also one of the most resistant and therefore easy to grow.

It makes us happy thanks to its great decorative power and its unique foliage.

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