Azorella: planting, multiplication, maintenance, flowering

Azorella: planting, multiplication, maintenance, flowering

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Azorella in summary :

Latin name : Azorella trifurcata
Common name : Azorelle
Family : Apiaceae
Type : Perennial

Harbor : Upholstery
Height : 5 cm
Planting density : 8 to 10 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny to partial shade
Ground : Humid, draining and non-calcareous

Flowering : May June

Azorella is a perennial ground coverwith very dense leathery leaves which form a magnificent green cushion adorned with bright yellow flowers at the end of spring.

Herresistance, its ease of maintenance and originalitywill delight gardeners looking for something new for their massive.

Planting azorella

The choice of where to plant theAzorella trifurcatacan be tricky. Indeed, if she appreciates the full sun, on the other hand, she dreads the hot weather.

The ground, meanwhile, must be neutralsee acid, but above all not chalky. Finally, the earth must be able to drain water easily.

From these elements, to plant azorella, you must:

  • dig a planting hole 15 to 20 cm deep;
  • drop a drainage layerif the earth does not drain enough water;
  • introduce the perennial into the hole and fill it up, packing well at the roots.

For the sake of ecology, in order to limit post-planting watering, it is advisable to plant in autumn.

This will give the azorella enough time to develop enough to withstand a possible lack of water the following spring or summer.

Caring for Azorella

TheAzorella trifurcatadoes not require no special maintenance. Even faded flowers don't need to be cut.

The first summer after planting, in case of prolonged drought, regular but moderate watering may be necessary.

Azorella diseases and pests

If the planting conditions are met, theAzorella trifurcatais particularly revealed resistant to diseases and pests.

Multiplication of azorella

Like many perennials, the best way to multiplya foot ofAzorella trifurcatais from to divide.

To do this, pull up the plant with a spade fork. Then, fragment the root ball with your hands and proceed to planting according to the previous advice.

This operation should ideally be carried out in autumnto increase the chances of recovery.

Smart tip

theAzorella trifurcataforms a very covering vegetal carpet. Depending on your needs, it may not be necessary to completely tear off the foot. A single piece may suffice.

Employment and association

Whether in rockeryor in a massive, you can combine azorella with other perennials such as Veronica spicatas sp incana, Himalayan knotweed, officinal rosemary, Gazaniaor the bearded iris.

ThePinus mugoHumpy ’can also be an excellent companion due to its small size and needles that will match well with the foliage of the’Azorella trifurcata.

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