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Heliopsis: a unique yellow

Heliopsis is a pretty perennial that adapts particularly well to flower beds and beds.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Heliopsis helianthoides
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial

: 80 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : July to October

It is its bright and deep yellow color that makes it a very decorative flower.

Planting heliopsis

You will preferably plant your heliopsis in spring keeping a distance of 40 cm between each foot.

  • Mix your soil with flowering plants
  • Choose a sunny spot but not too hot in summer
  • Water regularly after planting

Multiplication possible and even recommended every 2 to 3 years by division of the tuft in spring.

  • This operation renews the feet and therefore stimulates flowering.

Heliopsis size

It is necessary to cut back as soon as possible at the beginning of November, as soon as the leaves and stems begin to wilt.

This November pruning is important because it will depend on the quality of the next flowering.

  • Remove faded flowers as you go to stimulate the appearance of new inflorescences.

Things to know about heliopsis

This pretty daisy is remarkable for its generous bloom and the golden yellow of its petals.

It will illuminate perennial or shrub beds but also your bouquets throughout the summer.

It is also perfectly suited to the realization of bouquets of dried flowers.

For a variegated foliage of silver and pink you will choose the variety of heliopsis "Summer Pink"

Smart tip about heliopsis

This perennial adapts perfectly to trees and shrubs thanks to the bright yellow that contrasts with the green of the foliage.

Video: How to Deadhead a Heliopsis (June 2021).