How to arrange an original garden?

What if we put aside Photinia's lawn, trampoline and hedge to create an original garden that looks like you?

Decorative objects, colors, plants, materials ...

Find out how to design a one-of-a-kind garden!

A colorful exterior

Few people dare to use color and prefer to confine themselves to the marriage of green and white in the garden. Admittedly, this is not a bad taste, but it is quite possible to allow yourself a little eccentricity!

All colors are in nature and it's not for nothing! You can bet on a striking colored element such as a wall, a pergola, a fence, pots, a door, etc. We are then inspired by Moroccan riads, their Majorelle blue, pink, or orange walls.

The beds of plants then only sublimate this exotic background color. Opt for a wooden pergola that you paint red. Complementary color of green, it will highlight climbing plants.

Original plants

Sometimes plants are used as decorative items. This is the case of Physalis alkekengi which offers fruits surrounded by an orange calyx, similar to small paper lanterns.

In the tree ray, take a look towards the Acer griseum. Despite its rather gloomy name, this tree offers a very decorative frayed rusty bark. Its green foliage turns purple in autumn.

One that lives up to its name on the contrary is the Dianthus superbus. This carnation reveals a flower for the less breathtaking. Its scented pink petals are cut into a kind of small thread. A generous summer bloom that you will not see in the neighbor!

Even if it means cultivating fruit trees, fall for the Citrus medica ‘Digitata’. This lemon tree reveals fruit in the shape of a hand, following on from a spotted and fragrant white bloom. The Hand of Buddha ’citron tree is sensitive to frost, so it will have to be grown in pots, so that it can be sheltered in winter.

Pallets for furniture

Nothing like recycling to achieve custom-made garden furniture ! With old pallets it is possible to easily create a table, a deckchair or chairs.

Just add a few patterned cushions to make the seating comfortable. Placed vertically, some customize the pallets to create small green walls. You just need to isolate the bottom so that the substrate is maintained and add hanging plants.

Decoration ideas

Painted cans for aromatics, pyramids of pots, planted bird cages, gutters for seedlings, mosaics of corks, bathtub ... Let your creativity run wild to reuse objects that you have thrown away! Have you ever tested candles in glass bottles? They then diffuse a subdued and colored light.

Making your own pot is easy! Beyond preserves, some make cement pots. It suffices to pour a little cement in a brick of milk base. Then place a plastic cup that will leave a hole for the future plant. Once the cement is dry, remove the cup and brick and you have a nice pot! Recycling in the garden is economical, ecological and above all original.

Water and light

Water is always an event in the garden. It gives a touch of originality that is not present in all exteriors.

Why not install a fountain to take advantage of its small soothing swirls? Authentic or ultra modern, fountains match any home. Drains, outdoor showers, landscaped basins, swimming pools, spas, waterfalls ... There are a thousand and one ways of using water for a unique garden. The lighting, on the other hand, will create an atmosphere, especially if they are colorful.

Garlands, LEDs, wall lights ... Place them in the beds to illuminate the plants and provide diffused light. To emphasize the paths, to see clearly and to highlight the structure of the garden.

On the terrace level, the lights create a small warm cocoon.

Video: How I Arrange pots (June 2021).