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Gladiolus: tips for a beautiful flowering

Gladiolus: tips for a beautiful flowering

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The gladiolus is one of the pretty flowers, a must in beautiful gardens.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Gladiolus
Family : Iridaceae
Type : Bulbeuse

: 50 to 100 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : Summer

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In summer, we take advantage of the magnificent flowers and in winter we take care to keep them away from frost ...

Planting gladiolus

Planting and caring for gladioli, from spring to winter, are small actions that will improve flowering.

We plant the gladiolus at spring and until beginning of summer 10 cm deep, keeping a spacing of about 20/25 cm between each bulb.

For a beautiful flowering, choose a place mostly sunny and an fairly light earth.

A well-drained soil is essential when planting gladioli.

  • Stagnant water causes the bulbs to rot.
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Gladiolus maintenance

This bulbous flower prefers hot places because otherwise it does not bloom.

  • Choose a location in full sun.
  • Water in hot weather or prolonged drought
  • Remove faded flowers as you go.

Its flowers are particularly pretty, which makes it the featured cut flowers.

Gladioli will also be very beautiful plants of solid or border when planted in small groups.

You can also grow them online for cut flower production and bouquets.

Cut the gladiolus flowers:

When using gladiolus in a bouquet, the stems bearing the flowers can be cut as long as a few leaves are left on the stem.

If the stem is cut too short, the gladiolus may not bloom the following year.

  • When cutting, take the opportunity to add fertilizer to make the bulb bigger and improve flowering the following year.
  • Wait until the leaves are completely wilted before cutting them or tearing off the bulbs.

Gladiolus flowering

A regular watering and the contribution of a flower fertilizer will allow you to have a spectacular and abundant flowering.

  • Fertilizer is best applied in the spring
  • Choosing a bulb flower fertilizer
  • In summer, in hot weather, water in the evening, avoiding wetting the foliage
  • Remove faded flowers as you go to stimulate the appearance of new flowering.

Gladioli in winter

When the foliage of the gladiolushas yellowed and not before, cut it short. Indeed, gladioli need to see the leaves turn yellow in order to build up their reserves for the next flowering.

In the fall, pull out, dry and clean the bulbs with a brush, store them in a cool, dark place during the winter to replant them the following spring.

If your climate allows it and the winter stays mild, you can leave in the ground throughout the winter. For this it must not freeze in your region.

Tip about gladiolus

To make a bouquet, remove the top flower buds as they will never open.

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