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Spruce: it relieves many ailments

Spruce: it relieves many ailments

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Spruce is used for its medicinal properties, benefits and virtues.

Big tree widespread in Europe and Canada, spruce (in Quebec) or spruce (in Europe) grows on limestone soils and resists good to cold et al'altitude. Up to size 30 meters, the spruce has a lifespan of 5 centuries.

Very popular with the Amerindians, if the gum resin spruce was chewed by women in order to maintain the whiteness of their teeth.
As for the men, it was just for fun that they chewed it.

In France, there is only one natural species ofspruce : it's'spruce common. This tree grows in the mountainous forests of eastern France (Alps).

However, these are the medicinal virtues of this plant that will receive our full attention in this article. What exactly is it? What ailments can this tree relieve naturally? How and why?

Here's what you need to know ...

Epinette, for the record

A priori, the generic name of spruce would mean "tree that provides pitch ».
Etymologically, this name would come from Latin « picea ", then someold french « coin ", Then"pesse ”before to become "spruce ».

On the other hand, in France, the word “épinette” designates either a traditional musical instrument with keyboard and plucked strings, or a wicker cage with compartments reserved for poultry to feed.

Be that as it may, whether it is called a "spruce" or "spruce", "white" or "black" in color, this large tree belonging to the family of Pinaceae full of multiple virtues.

Spruce: its health benefits

Famous for its properties diaphoretic (sweating) and expectorants, the young shoots of the spruce were eaten by Amerindians as drink for cure cough.

They were also mixed with the bath water to take advantage of its sedative effect.

Even more, they believe that this plant has virtues little purgative but above all depurative.

In France and Canada, spruce resin was used as remedy against theinflammation of the mucous membrane nose and pharynx ; in case of breathing difficulty and, to treat many others diseases of respiratory tracts.

Among Quebecers, spruce chewing gum is known for its powerful antiscorbutic properties but also, those promoting digestion.

In addition, it would be a real remedy against seasickness.

In European culture, another species of Spruce ("Picea abies') was used in medicinal baths.

Here, it is the young shoots as well as the needles of trees between 60 and 80 years old - in which the active subtances were particularly concentrated - which were being used. The aim was to treat rheumatic conditions and the troubles ofnervous origin.

Have you heard of the spruce beer?

Fermented for 24 hours, this drink made from spruce is known for its properties slightly laxatives but above all, refreshing.

Good to know about spruce

Very often recommended for relieve coughs, the expectorant virtues of spruce are exploited in spruce syrup or fir syrup.

However, you can do it yourself. But, how to proceed?
In a jar, layer, altering, layers of young spruce shoots and honey.

Then expose the jar and its contents to the sun until the syrup forms. It can take 4 weeks.

Then, using a clean cloth, filter the preparation and keep it cool and protected from light.

There are plants that can relieve certain ailments.

However, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist (herbalist), a pharmacist and, above all, the opinion of your doctor treating for a medical advice suitable for your condition.

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