Carefree roses

Carefree roses

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It is not always easy to choose your roses well. The flowers all look so beautiful at the nurseryman ... It is important to have a few benchmarks to navigate among the products offered.

Labels exist to help you choose sturdy roses. The German ADR standard guarantees roses of great beauty, with abundant flowering, and above all resistant to almost all tests: cold, diseases and rodents. You will find them at the distributors of the German rose grower Kordes or the Globe Planter nurseries.

There are other labels, like AARS, that have good products. Also trust the specialists who, for lack of financial means, do not apply for the ADR label but nevertheless offer high quality products: Michel Adam in Liffré near Rennes, the André Eve nurseries, specialist in old roses, the designer David Austin ...

Also remember to focus your research on the range of hundred-year-old roses: they have proven their resistance in the field.

Buying is not everything ...

A qualified rose not susceptible topowdery mildew may be sensitive to it in your home if you live in a humid area. Take your climate into account when making your choice. In any case, do not hesitate to seek the advice of professionals.

Once you have made your choice, plant your rosebushes in a sunny and ventilated place. Prefer a soil that is not too humid and well structured. Leave space between each plant to ventilate its foliage.

Don't enrich an already rich land

Avoid any excess fertilizer rich in nitrogen which develops disease and attracts pests. Prefer the compost with a contribution every 2-3 years in poor soil. Do not put anything on rich soils.

Straw always the stems of your roses with dead leaves or mulch from very dry branches. Their decomposition is enough to feed your plants. Plant perennials at their feet: nepetas, lady's mantle or perennial geranium… for attract helper insects greedy for aphids!

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