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Cherry: the wild cherry

The cherry tree is a very beautiful wild tree well known for its wood and for its fruits.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Prunus avium
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 5 to 12 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Humid, well drained

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : March April

The pruning and maintenance of the cherry tree advantageously participate in its growth and flowering.

Birch tree planting

It is recommended planter the cherry tree by carmne, before the first frosts to facilitate rooting.

If you plant your cherry tree in winter, do it outside of frost periods.

But like all trees bought in pots or containers, it will be possible to plant it in spring or summer by avoiding periods of strong heat.

In this case, plan a regular watering during the first months after planting.

  • Birch likes humus and well-drained soils, so avoid areas of drought
  • Cherry also tolerates acidic or alkaline soils (limestone)
  • He likes rather sunny situations

Care and pruning of birch

Like all trees of the prunus family, pruning is not recommended

No pruning is therefore necessary except that of dead and fragile branches

  • Preferably prune in winter, when the tree is at rest
  • Be content with plugging in sick or dead
  • Apply healing putty to large cut branches

To know about the cherry tree

Also called wild cherry or bird cherry, this tree is native to Europe, West Asia and North Africa. "Cherry" comes from the Latin "Amarus cerasus Which means "bitter cherry".

The cherry tree is absolutely beautiful. It brightens the beginnings of our springs with abundant flowering and tones ranging from white to pink. This period, although rather short, will make your garden a colorful space and herald the return of sunny days.

But the cherry tree is mainly cultivated for its fruits or its wood, well known to cabinet makers.

Among the most famous and common varieties of cherry, we will retain Bigarreau, Early Burlat, Coeur de boeuf and Coeur de pigeon or even Guignier and Amourette.

We consume the merise in jams and brandies

Smart tip

Avoid places that are too exposed to the wind so as not to shorten the flowering period!

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