9 purple flowers for the garden

The purple flowers pair perfectly with the white in favor ofa mysterious, elegant and modern garden.

Shrubs, climbers and perennials, discover our selection of purple blooms for your outdoors.

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3 shrubs with purple flowers


• Variety: Abutilon suntense ‘Violetta’
• Flowering: large mauve cup flowers with fine petals from May to June.
• Foliage: evergreen gray-green leaves with 2 to 5 lobes with toothed edges.
• Plantation: from March to May or from September to October.
• Location: reserved for mild climates in massive, bordering or isolated. Hardy to -5 ° C, it is grown in pots to return in winter to cold climates.


• Variety: Callicarpa bodinieri ‘Imperial Pearl’
• Fruit: it is not its flowers but its fruits which are very decorative! Its clusters of small purple pearls appear from October to January.
• Foliage: dark green ovate deciduous leaves, downy below. In the fall, they come in hues ranging from yellow to purple to orange.
• Plantation: from March to May or from September to November.
• Location: hardy below -15 ° C, Callicarpa can be planted as a hedge, isolated, in a bed or in a container.

Hibiscus syriacus

• Variety: ‘French Cabaret Purple’
• Flowering: double flowers in crumpled purple pompoms from August to October.
• Foliage: dark green trilobed deciduous leaves, typical of hibiscus.
• Plantation: from February to May or from September to November.
• Location: ideal in beds, in vats or in a hedge. It is placed in drained and loose soil, in the sun or partial shade.

3 climbing plants with purple flowers


• Variety: Clematis (x) viticella ‘Supernight’
• Flowering: single purple flowers with the center line of the petals slightly purple. Flowering from June to September.
• Foliage: deciduous, elliptical, trifoliate and dark green leaves.
• Plantation: from March to May or in September-October.
• Location: on a wall, a pergola, an arbor or a trellis. Clematis like to have their heads in the sun and their feet in the shade in cool, rich and drained soil.


Variety: Wisteria sinensis
• Flowering: large fragrant inflorescences in hanging purple to mauve clusters in April.
• Foliage: deciduous leaves composed of elliptical filioles.
• Plantation: from February to April or from September to November.
• Location: on a wall, a pergola, an arbor or a trellis. It is placed in the sun, in a drained, slightly acidic soil and one avoids calcareous substrates.


• Variety: Solanum dulcamara
• Flowering: clusters of small purple star flowers from June to September.
• Foliage: deciduous leaves composed of three medium green lobes.
• Plantation: from March to May or in October-November.
• Location: twining twigs that wrap around a wire mesh or trellis. Also to be planted in beds or in a hedge.

3 perennials with purple flowers


• Variety: Lavandula angustifolia
• Flowering: fragrant, honey-bearing floral spikes that surmount slender, gray-green, erect stems.
• Foliage: small narrow leaves, persistent and aromatic, gray-green in color.
• Plantation: April to June or September-October.
• Location: in massive, in pot, in border, in rockery. It is placed in light, poor and well-drained soil and in the sun.


• Variety: ‘Purple Sensation’
• Flowering: spherical umbels made up of small purple star-shaped flowers.
• Foliage: tuft of tender green linear leaves.
• Plantation: plant the bulbs from late September to late November.
• Location: in the sun in a rather dry drained soil. Ornamental garlic works wonders in beds, rockeries or pots.


Variety: Campanula muralis
• Flowering: from May to July, numerous small, star-shaped flowers form purple cushions.
• Foliage: small green leaves, semi-evergreen, hairy and toothed.
• Plantation: February to May or September to November.
• Location: Border, rockery, undergrowth, ground cover, seaside, pot. The bellflower appreciates the sun and a well-drained, even dry soil.

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