How to hide your balcony from vis-à-vis?

You are surrounded! Your neighbors can see you from above and to the sides. This prevents you from fully enjoying your balcony.

Discover all our tips for hiding your balcony from vis-à-vis and re-appropriating your exterior!

Trees and shrubs to hide

We recreate kinds of walls using plants! For this, it is necessary to choose plants with a certain volume. This is the case with oleander, a Mediterranean shrub. From June to October, its linear gray-green leaves accompany vibrant pink, white, orange, yellow or red flowers. This shrub should be planted in a rich, well-drained substrate and placed in the sun.

In winter, if temperatures drop below -5 ° C, bring it indoors to a cool room. You can also choose small trees!

In the shade, choose a Japanese maple, whose pretty cut flowers offer flamboyant nuances in fall.

Small trees pruned into a ball, such as a Lonicera on a stem, will add a graphic touch and hide you all year round with its evergreen foliage.

Plunging vis-à-vis: use a shade sail

You are lucky to have a garden level! Your apartment building is halfway between an apartment and a small house. But there you go, the upper floors have plenty of time to observe you when you're outside. You feel like you're being watched as soon as you step outside! There are solutions for hiding from one another from above. The shade sail is ideal because it will reconstruct a kind of small roof.

Depending on the color chosen, it does not necessarily darken the terrace. On the contrary, a yellow or orange veil will make it very luminous and will make the plants stand out. You can even layer several to cover a larger area. In addition to concealing and being decorative, they provide their beneficial shade in summer.

Persistent climbing and hanging plants

Climbing plants are the queen of the balcony! They wrap around guardrails, trellises and other taut cables. They allow you to obstruct the sides for a little more privacy. With evergreen foliage, you'll be safe from prying eyes all year round.

If you're in the shade, hydrangea semanii will be ideal. Shiny, medium green oval leaves are enhanced by flattened white flowers between June and September. Shady balconies can also count on ivy, a hardy plant that grows easily. In suspension, its branches hide you entirely.

The sunny exteriors allow themselves the star jasmine. Its dark foliage is illuminated by a shower of fragrant star flowers in spring.

For a little bit of winter color, consider the cultivar of the same species: 'Winter Ruby'. It has foliage that turns purple when temperatures drop.

A small pergola for the terrace

Like the shade sail, the pergola covers the balcony. This structure with a frame and four legs is overhung by slats, plants or a canvas. What is practical with the pergola is that you can hang anything you want on it: light garlands, suspensions, curtains ... Thus, it is possible to create a real cozy little cocoon out of sight. Ideally, the pergola is placed above a garden furniture or a dining area. It gives character to your little exterior while creating a comfortable space. You can even hang up a hammock to rest in the shade.

Do not hesitate to hang hanging plants like lobellias, fuchsias or ipomes. By aligning them, you will get a real vegetal curtain, adorned with colorful flowers. We use climbers once again! Think of fruit trees like kiwis or table vines. These lianas offer their sweet and juicy fruits at your fingertips!

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