Citrus fruits: orange tree, lemon tree ... what you need to know

Citrus fruits: orange tree, lemon tree ... what you need to know

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Citrus fruits are very beautiful fruit trees native to Asia and brought back by the Arabs to Europe.

Like theorange tree, of lemon or even kumquat, they have mostly evergreen foliage and only grow in open ground in areas with a mild winter climate.

Grown in mediterranean region, we find them more and more on our terraces and in our gardens, which makes it one of the the most trendy plants currently.

This is how they are increasingly found in ferries in the northern regions, provided they can be protect from frost during winter.

The main citrus fruits to grow at home

We find the lemon, theorange tree, the mandarin or the pomelo which gives grapefruit.

More and more, we find the kumquat, also called fortunella margarita which gives pretty berries to taste.

Finally, the only citrus fruit that can be grown inside a house or apartment heated in winter is the calamondin.

What is the best climate for citrus fruits?

Regions bordering the sea Mediterranean are particularly well located for the cultivation of citrus fruits.
This allows them to be put in the ground without too much risk.

Further north, if you live in a region where it does not freeze, we can plant them in the ground provided they are good sheltered from the wind and in a place largely sunny.

If he freezes in your area, prefer it pot culture or in bac and put your citrus in a unheated veranda for example, which will keep a certain freshness in winter but which will protect them from frost.

Growing citrus fruits in pots as a houseplant

The variety best suited for growing in houseplant is the calamondin, it is an indoor orange tree that can stay in the same room throughout the year.

Cultivation in pots and indoor plants for other citrus does not pose a particular problem, provided they are stored in a cooler room during winter.

  • When repotting, don't hesitate to put a 2-3 cm layer of clay or gravel balls to improve drainage.
    This prevents the roots from stagnating in moisture.
  • Keep your citrus fruit as far as possible from radiators and heat sources. It would tend to dry it out.
  • Install your citrus fruit with as much light as possible but without direct sunlight.
  • Take the pots out at the end of the frost, usually in May.

Citrus fruits in jars:

Find our advice on how to best maintain your citrus fruit in pots, lemon trees and orange trees. For other citrus fruits, know that the advice to follow is almost the same.

  • Orange tree in a pot, know everything
  • Lemon tree in a pot, all you need to know

Watering citrus fruits

  • Avoid tubs with water reserves (always to prevent the roots from stagnating in the water) and prefer the bed of clay balls or gravel mentioned above.
  • Water regularly as soon as the soil is dry, but not excessively. We often talk about watering every 2 days in summer and once a week in winter
  • Regarding fertilization, you can add a special organic citrus fertilizer once or twice a month.

Fruits and fruiting period of citrus

Citrus fruits fruit from November to May except the lemon tree which can produce lemons all year round.

Indoors, fruiting is a lot more difficult. But the experience you gain from caring for your citrus fruit will eventually help you improve and get fruit.

Best suited multiplication for citrus fruits

You can also do a cuttings that to a layering (to be done in August)

When to prune citrus fruits

Nearly every 2 years, in the month of March.
Prune lightly to restore vigor to your citrus fruits.

  • Air the center to promote the passage of light
  • Reduce the size branches of about 1 to 2 eyes.

Common diseases and pests in citrus fruits

  • Cochineals: Organic control and treatment

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