10 drought tolerant plants

Do you have dry soil? Rest assured ! You are not doomed to have a grilled lawn for your garden. Shrubs, perennials, climbers ...

Discover our selection of drought tolerant plants.

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Drought tolerant shrubs

Here are two shrubs that do well in dry terrain! In a hedge, in a bed or in a pot, they structure your exterior. The orange tree has a pretty rounded silhouette sublimated by a white bloom. Bougainvillea stands out for its incredible flowering!

Mexican orange:

  • Variety: Choisya ternata
  • Flowering period: april to may
  • Interest: forms a beautiful rounded bush with evergreen foliage, enhanced by single white flowers in spring
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : dry to cool
  • The little extra? Its fragrant flowers
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  • Variety: Bougainvillea spectabilis (x) glabra ‘Violet de Meze’
  • Flowering period: May to September
  • Interest: very floriferous, we appreciate its bright purple bracts that cover the plant
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : rich, dry, neutral to acidic
  • The little extra? A more hardy variety than others, tolerating down to -5 ° C

Perennials that are drought tolerant

In the middle of a dry summer, however, they do not stop decorating the garden. The acanthus, so generously with its long flowering spikes and the sagebrush with its silvery foliage.


  • Variety: Acanthus mollis
  • Flowering period: June to August
  • Interest: its huge inflorescences in spikes sheltering pinkish-white flowers, but also its large fleshy leaves
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade, shade
  • Ground : dry to cool, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Its 60cm high and the volume it brings in a massive

Silver sagebrush:

  • Variety: Artemisia alba Canescens
  • Flowering period: September to October
  • Interest: curly silvery foliage forms small cushions in flower beds and rockeries
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry to cool, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? A medicinal plant that strengthens the immune system and helps fight against many diseases

Dry soil climbers

To quickly cover a wall or a trellis in dry soil, you can count on the bignone. Its original flowers will not fail to surprise you in summer! To decorate a patio without spending your life watering your plants, bet on the ‘Baby Star’ clematis instead.


  • Variety: Campsis radicans ‘Atropurpurea’
  • Flowering period: July to September
  • Interest: its tubular flowers in the shape of a red-orange trumpet
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry, light and loose
  • The little extra? Its very rapid growth


  • Variety: Clematis ‘Baby Star’
  • Flowering period: May to June, August to September
  • Interest: single, open, bright white flowers with long stamens
  • Exhibition: sun, partial shade
  • Ground : rich and light, dry to cool (unlike most varieties of clematis which require cool soil)
  • The little extra? Ideal for growing in pots due to its small size (1.50m at maturity)
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Drought tolerant grasses

Easy to maintain, grasses promise modern beds. Lovers of blue will prefer fescue while fans of pink will fall for Muhlenbergia.

Blue fescue:

  • Variety: Festuca ‘Intense Blue’
  • Flowering period: june to july
  • Interest: fine foliage forming beautiful metallic blue cushions
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry and poor
  • The little extra? Grows in any poor terrain (rockery, dry garden, border, massif, alternative to grass)

Muhlenbergia capillaris:

  • Variety: Muhlenbergia capillaris
  • Flowering period: September to November
  • Interest: evergreen foliage topped with a very light and vaporous flowering in spikes sporting an old pink color
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : neutral to lime and dry
  • The little extra? Graphic plant for a modern bed

Dry substrate aromatics

We do not forget the small dishes! In rockery, in beds or in pots near home, consider thyme and rosemary which thrive in a dry environment.

Golden lemon thyme:

  • Variety: Thymus citriodorus ‘Aureus’
  • Flowering period: july to august
  • Interest: in addition to its lemony flavor, this variety offers small round green and yellow leaves
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry, neutral to lime
  • The little extra? Its medicinal properties: thyme is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-infectious and antibacterial
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  • Variety: Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Flowering period: May to June
  • Interest: small bushy shrub with evergreen foliage and blue flowers
  • Exhibition: Sun
  • Ground : dry, poor
  • The little extra? Can be easily integrated into a bed or rockery

Video: Blooming Junction Drought Tolerant Plants (October 2020).