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Camelia sasanqua, late autumn magic

Camelia sasanqua, late autumn magic

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Camellia sasanqua is a small tree with simple flowers that blooms from autumn until the heart of winter.

And its petals, falling to the ground, form a colorful carpet, as cherry blossoms do in spring.

82 species of camellia and the number of varieties grown today is estimated to be 10,000.

The Camellia sasanqua is not yet widespread and yet ... it livens up the garden with its vivid colors when the vegetation dies.

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Planting camellia sasanqua

March-April is the period of planting ideal for camellia sasanqua, but if you buy it in a container, it can be planted at any time.

  • Provide a slightly acidic forest soil or a clay-siliceous soil that is well drained and enriched in humus.
  • All heavy, compact clay soils are to be avoided.
  • The excess water should always be able to drain away.
  • The planting hole should be three to four times the volume of the root ball.
  • Place at the bottom of this hole about twenty centimeters thick of compost.
  • Water thoroughly and cover the soil with a mulch of bark.

Install it in full sun because he needs a strong light, but avoid too scorching southern exposure in summer. Protect it from the wind otherwise the flowering will be very short-lived.

In the cold regions, protect it from the cold and wind with a canopy and prevent the earth from freezing in order to protect the roots, with cluster of leaves dry mixed with sand.

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Caring for camellia sasanqua

The soil should be kept cool permanently.

When the rains are insufficient, water your camellia sasanqua, especially in the first year of planting.

After a hot day, bathe the leavese, it will thank you because it likes in the drizzle.

This is why it ideally grows on the Atlantic coast, benefiting from the softness and humidity of Oceanic climate.

It is not not essential to prune the camellia sasanqua, the free forms are the most beautiful effect. If you want to get ball, pyramid shapes ... it lends itself without a problem.

Prune right after flowering, as camellia forms its buds during the summer, on the wood of the year. If you prune too late, you risk suppressing the next flowering without harming the plant.

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To know about the sasanqua camellia

Camellia sasanqua, often called Fall Camellia, is native to Japan, like Camellia Japonica, where it is found almost in the wild, often as an undergrowth plant.

A bushy shrub, it offers evergreen foliage of varying shape and size and single or double flowering tinged with pink and white.

Sometimes also called Christmas Camellia, we owe it to the fact that its flowering is sometimes close to Christmas time.

Finally, we appreciate its fragrance which is even used to flavor some teas in Japan.

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