Fruit trees

The plum tree, we do not plant it "for plums"

Quetsche, mirabelle plum, queen claude, sloe ... To have the pleasure of tasting these varieties directly on the tree, plant plum trees in your garden.

In August and September, plums delight us: ripe queens, plums and sloes for jams… There are also Japanese plums, cherry plums and even hybrid plums and apricots. "The plum tree is the dominant species in the stone fruit category," explain Élisabeth and Jérôme Jullien, horticulturalists. Plums are the third most cultivated fruit in France in terms of area with 75,000 tonnes per year ”.

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An easy fruit tree

"Plum trees are not difficult to grow," write the authors of Tout le potager. The only requirement: patience… You sometimes have to wait 18 months to see only a nucleus germinate ”. Then the plums will appear after about 5 years. How to do ? “Soak a fresh stone for 48 hours then sow it in a bucket of moist potting soil. Use the refrigerator to break dormancy in summer, or leave it outside for 3 months in winter, says Holly Farrel, gardener for the Royal Horticultural Society. In spring, place in a warm and sunny location. Once the kernel has germinated, repot the young tree then plant ideally in autumn, in a sheltered and sunny situation, with a stake. For trained trees, choose a wall facing west or south ".

Plum: A rudimentary maintenance

Throughout the summer, water regularly and install a protective net against greedy birds. In winter, protect them from frost with a veil, then fertilize in February and mulch in March. A very light size is enough, but not in winter! Rather in early spring.

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A plum tree even in small gardens!

"Plums are abundant if you plant several trees nearby," adds Benoît Priel, co-author of Cultivate son jardin. Since plum trees take up little space, it is possible to plant a small grove in a not very large garden ". For very small gardens, there are now self-fertile varieties of plum trees that fruit thanks to their own pollen: ideal for planting only one tree. Likewise, the mirabellier is a species that takes up little space, which makes it a species suitable for gardens. As for columnar plum trees, they can even be grown in containers.

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