Bulb flowers

Bulb flowers: tips for planting

Bulb flowers: tips for planting

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The bulbs are planted in the fall or in the spring depending on the flowering period.

Bulbs that bloom in spring are planted in fall, and those that bloom in summer are planted in spring.

Planting tulip bulbs, hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils or even lilies and gladioli deserves some advice.

Soil for planting bulb flowers

Stony, too heavy and often flooded soils should be avoided.

They would prevent the bulb from developing properly and prolonged flooding would eventually cause the bulb to rot.

  • Bulbous plants, as a rule, prefer light and rather warm soils.

Bulbs in containers and planters:

It is quite possible to plant bulbs in tubs and planters.

  • A good potting soil is quite suitable

We put different flower bulbs in the same planter, this allows you to vary the pleasures and have flowers from spring to fall.

  • Provide fertilizer each year for the bulbs in pots, containers and planters.

Exhibition for bulb flowers

It depends on each plant because the needs for water and sun are different from each other.

Refer to the Jardiner Malinen tip sheets for typing the name of the flower for all its characteristics.

Distance between each bulb

In general, two bulbs should not be planted less than 10/15 cm apart.

We can nevertheless reduce this space for crocuses or snowdrops which are very small flowers.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to increase this distance for cannas or irises at a rate of 20/30 cm

Bulb planting depth

Use a dibbler, whether classic or specially designed for bulbs, or just a spade.

Make a hole equivalent to 2 or 3 times the height of the bulb and cover with soil, taking care that the entire surface of the bulb is in contact with the soil.

Here you are ready to plant your bulbs and have pretty flowers in your garden, good gardening!


The essential bulbs of our gardens:

  • Crocuses and snowdrops find their place when they are planted directly in the grass. They will form very beautiful spots of color in winter.

  • Tulips offer an incredible variety of colors. They can be planted without limit in all your flower beds, along the hedge, at the foot of trees and even in pots for your terrace.

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