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Coriander: benefits and virtues

Coriander: benefits and virtues

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The coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual plant that offers many health benefits and virtues, both for its leaves (fresh or dried), considered as a aromatic plant, or for his seeds, used as spices incooked and in the pharmacopoeia.

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Cilantro and its health benefits

Native to Europe and the Middle East, coriander was already known to Egyptians, Greeks and Roman. They used its seeds for flavor their bread.

In the Middle Ages, it was widespread throughout Europe for its culinary use and recognized for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cilantro is made up of two parts which are quite distinct in terms of their content of different active compounds: leaves (fresh or dried) and seeds do not have the same virtues on the body.

  • Both its leaves that his seeds contain antioxidants.
  • The leaves cilantro are a very good source of vitamin K, necessary for blood clotting.
  • The seeds cilantro relieve gastrointestinal complaints, theaerophagia and the bloating. They are effective in the event of digestive disorders.
  • Stimulating, cilantro increases the tone of the body and helps fight against tired and the flu conditionsx.
  • Cilantro is sometimes recommended againstanxiety and to promote sleep.
  • For external use, coriander essential oil is a muscle relaxant effective.

Growing cilantro for its benefits

  • Cilantro needs exposure sunny or half-shaded. She will flourish in a sandy soil, well drained, fresh and fertile.
  • See to water regularly your plant in hot weather, especially if it is growingin pot or planter.
  • To have young fresh leaves all year round, it is sufficient to sow several times, two weeks apart.

Cilantro in cooking for its benefits

  • The coriander leaves enter into many culinary preparations from the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. The coriander seeds, as for them, are essential to several curries and in the preparation of the cuckoo.
  • In the thai cuisine, we use the fresh leaves cilantro as a condiment in salads and soups.
  • We use the seeds cilantro to compose some digestive liquors as well aslemon balm water.
  • Cooking: recipe with coriander

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