Papyrus: planting, watering and advice on caring for it

Papyrus: planting, watering and advice on caring for it

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Papyrus is a beautiful plant, at ease in a humid environment, whether in a pond, by a river or in a tank with a water bottom.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Cyperus
Family : Cyperaceae
Type : Perennial

: 0.8 to 3 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Wet

: Persistent -Flowering : June to August

Easy to maintain, papyrus just requires you to always have your feet in the water.

Planting papyrus, cyperus

Papyrus is a plant native to swampy areas, hence its constant need for water.

Preferably in spring. You can choose a potting soil special aquatic plant.

  • The plant must bathe in water continuously.
  • It therefore adapts perfectly to ponds and banks.
  • In a pot, place it on a container always filled with water.

Possibility of multiplication by division of the clump in spring.

  • Find our advice perennial division.

Size and care of papyrus

No pruning is really essential, although papyrus does not mind pruning.

It is nevertheless necessary to remove the dry stems as they appear and new shoots will start again.

Papyrus in pot or container:

In the spring, ideally repot in a larger pot. If it's not every year, do it at least every 2 years.

Papyrus in winter, frost resistance

Papyrus is not very hardy and will not withstand temperatures below -5 °, especially if the frosts are prolonged.

In the tank, be careful of the frost which may condemn your papyrus from the first frost.

Then bring your papyrus in a place protected from frost.

To know about the papyrus

This magnificent plant oftropical origin has several hundred species, each as elegant as the next.

We thus count multitudes of foliage, sizes and shapes for this unusual perennial.

This plant is easy to maintain and only needs to be bathed in water to grow rapidly.

For the pot culture and in houseplant, it is important to soak the base of the pot in a container that is constantly filled with water.

Papyrus and paper:

Long used for papermaking, this is where this ancient paper form got its name.

In fact, papyrus paper is an ancient technique of paper making, obtained by superimposing very thin strips from papyrus stems.

Papyrus diseases

The yellowing of leaves is usually related to a lack of water or too low temperature.
There may also be a lack of light.

In all cases, increase water intake, and, if it is in a pot, give it as much light as possible.

In case of'aphid attack, follow our advice fight against aphids.

Smart tip

If you have a water feature in your garden, plant a papyrus next to your water lilies, the result is splendid.

Video: Starting Papyrus Propagation (July 2022).


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