Watermelon: how to grow it well

Watermelon: how to grow it well

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A summer fruit, watermelon is easily grown in the vegetable patch, or in the garden.

En summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Citrullus lanatus
Family : Cucurbits
Type : Fruit

: 20 to 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Rich

Harvest : July to October

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From sowing to harvest, here are the cultivation tips.

Sowing and planting watermelon

Watermelon needs heat to germinate and the seedlings cannot stand frost.

Given its need for heat, it is best to grow it in a Mediterranean climate or elsewhere in a greenhouse.

When to sow watermelon?

Depending on the climate in your area, the watermelon seedlings takes place from March under shelter and in a bucket with a transplanting in May after any risk of frost, or directly in place from the month of May.

  • The watermelonlikes rather rich soils, do not hesitate to amend the soil compost or a fertilizer before growing it.

The bucket sowing must be done around 3 weeks before transplanting in the ground. We must therefore not sow too early.

  • Fucking lightly 2 to 3 seeds per cup.
  • Once emerged, we keep only the most vigorous plant.
  • 3 weeks later, you can put in the ground provided that all risk of frost is eliminated.
  • Provide a one meter spacing between each foot.

Sowing watermelon in the ground:

We can also perform a sowing directly in the ground from the middle of May.

  • So do not hesitate to bringcompost or fertilizer upon planting.
  • Loosen the soil well before sowing the watermelon.
  • Provide a 1 meter space between each foot of watermelon.

Care and size of watermelon

The watermelon needs a lot of heat, it is recommended to put tiles at the foot that will heat in the sun and pass this heat on to the foot.

Watermelon Size:

If you have room in your garden or vegetable patch, you don't have to prune or pinch your plant to get beautiful watermelons.

We do a maintenance pruning if you need to contain its development and thus prevent it from becoming invasive.

  • Then cut the head of the watermelon after a female flower (light yellow), cutting several leaves after this flower.

Watering watermelon:

Watermelon needs lots of water to grow and thrive, especially in hot weather and / or prolonged drought.

  • Watering in the morning without watering the leaves is therefore recommended in the summer.
  • Stop all watering about 1 week before harvest because the watermelons split prematurely.

Watermelon harvest

Harvesting of watermelon takes place about 30 days after flowering and can last for several weeks.

How to tell if the watermelon is ripe:

Watermelon should be observed carefully because it is not easy to determine its level of maturity. Do not wait for the watermelon to peel off to know if it is ripe as this is not a good indicator.

It is better to avoid watering the last days before harvest and to focus on harvesting in the afternoon rather than in the morning because it is drier.

  • Its weight is a good indicator, it must be heavy as it approaches maturity.
  • We also see that the watermelon is ripe when the tendril opposite its peduncle is completely dry.

Preserving watermelon:

After picking, the watermelon no longer ripens and can be stored for several days to several weeks depending on storage conditions.

The ideal temperature for storing watermelon is between 10 and 13 °.

  • Avoid storing watermelon in a humid environment as this greatly reduces the storage time.
  • In the shade, watermelons keep longer than in the sun.

Although watermelon no longer ripens after picking, its flavor and color will continue to improve over a period of about a week when placed at room temperature.

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To know about watermelon

Native to Africa, watermelon is appreciated for its great refreshing power but also for its high vitamin content.

Just like the melon, the pumpkin, the pumpkin and others squash, watermelon is part of the large family of cucurbits.

Watermelon is one of the largest of the family of this large family of cucurbits.

It is most regularly found round but can also be oval in shape and reach a record weight of around 30 pounds.

But most watermelons weigh 1 to 3 kg.

It is renowned for its high water content (around 92%), which makes it one of the fruits with the most water during summer and naturally very hydrating. It is also in the pips that we find the vitamin C.

Watermelon is recognized for its great antioxidant power.

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Smart tip about watermelon

The main enemy of watermelon is the cold, make sure it never suffers from it!

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