Basil in pot: on the terrace, balcony and indoors

Basil in pot: on the terrace, balcony and indoors

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Growing basil in pots is a great growing idea for flavoring summer dishes.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Ocimum basilicum
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Aromatic plant

Height : 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

Harvest : May to October

Forget about buying frozen or dried basil and opt for picking according to your needs while discovering the true flavor of basil.

Planting basil in a pot

It is entirely possible to grow your basil inside your home, on a balcony or patio.

What is the best period?

There really isn't a better time to grow your basil indoors, although in winter it is difficult to keep it for long.

We generally prefer to use it in summer dishes.

Its cultivation will therefore most often be ’April to September-October outdoors or indoors.

Choose a bright, sunny spot, such as the edge of a window.

  • Water as soon as the soil is dry.
  • Fertilize the soil for better production.

Basil in a pot outdoors:

If you buy your basil straight from a jar, it is best to repot it quickly. because its growth is fast

You can also leave it in its original pot for a while for use indoors or on a balcony.

Ideal for growing in pots is to repot immediately after purchasing in a larger pot

Indoor potted basil:

This plant is indeed perfectly suited for a indoor cultivation or on a balcony, in a pot or in a planter.

Take care of thewater regularly so that the soil does not dry out.

Basil seedlings in a pot

Sow in place, from April in the southern regions and from May in the other regions.

  • Sow in potting soil and cover your seeds very lightly.
  • Install your seedling in the light but avoid direct sun, especially during the hottest hours
  • Water regularly in fine rain to keep the soil moist

Picking and harvesting potted basil

You can pick the basil leaves throughout the spring and summer.

Preferably choose the most important sheets by severing the entire stem to promote the birth of new shoots.

All you need to know about basil

Originally from India, basil has conquered the Mediterranean regions where it complements most dishes, salads and sauces.

Its culture is relatively easy as long as certain rules are well respected.

  • Sunny but not hot location
  • Ground always wet but never flooded
  • Possible fertilization from May to August with a special fertilizer for aromatic plants.

Smart tip

The basil freezes perfectly and its flavor will even be almost intact, even after several weeks.

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