Basil: very aromatic leaves

Basil: very aromatic leaves

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Growing basil is a great idea for anyone who likes to flavor dishes.

Basil in summary:

Last name : Ocimum basilicum
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Aromatic plant

Height : 20 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Lightweight, well drained

Harvest : Summer

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Forget about buying basil in a sachet that only lasts a few days and opt for picking as needed while experiencing the true flavor of basil.

Planting basil

If you buy your basil directly in a pot, plant it in the ground from the May and throughout the summer.

Basil outdoors:

You can also leave it in its original pot for a while for use indoors or on a balcony.

But ideal for growing basil in pots is to repot immediately after purchase in a larger pot.

  • Prefer a sunny situation sheltered from the wind
  • The soil must be well drained to avoid standing water
  • After planting, water regularly but not excessively

Basil indoors:

This plant is indeed perfectly suited for indoor cultivation or on a balcony, in a pot or in a planter.

Take care of thewater regularly so that the soil does not dry out.

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Basil seedlings

Sowing basil is a good way to get a nice, quality basil plant.

You can buy your seeds commercially for recover after flowering of your basil to sow them the following year

You can sow directly outdoors, from the month ofApril in the southern regions and from the month of May in other regions.

  • Sow in light, well-drained soil, if possible improved with potting soil.
  • Keep the soil moist for the first few weeks after sowing
  • When the plants have 2 to 3 leaves, thin out so as to keep only the most vigorous plants and taking care to give them room to develop.
  • Then pinch the new shoots, when the plant has reached 10 cm, in order to promote new branches

Harvesting basil

You can pick the basil leaves throughout the spring and summer.

Preferably choose the most important sheets by sectioning the complete rod to promote the birth of new shoots.

Basil can be harvested throughout the day, but it is often before a meal that we prefer to pick it in order to retain all its freshness and the best of its aroma.

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Growing basil in a pot

It is quite possible to cultivate your basil inside your home, on a balcony or terrace.

The best period:

There really isn't a better time to grow your basil indoors.

You can even do it throughout the yearincluding winter. We generally prefer to use it in summer dishes.

Its cultivation will therefore most often be ’April to September-October outdoors or indoors.

Choose a bright and sunny place, the edge of a window for example.

  • Water as soon as the soil is dry.
  • Fertilize the soil for better production.
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Basil that turns black

In general, the main problem with basil is when it turns black.

We then discover black spots on the leaves which end up falling.

At this point, your basil may be wasting away.


Basil needs water but dreads excess. You should water a little every day, but never bathe the roots in water.

No need to use fertilizer, blackening basil is just a watering problem.

All you need to know about basil

Originally from India, basil has conquered the Mediterranean regions where it complements most dishes, salads and sauces.

Basil is used in many Mediterranean dishes in general and Italian in particular. Among the most characteristic are the pesto, pesto or tomato mozzarella and basil ...

Basil recipes are plentiful and in most cases delicious summer dishes.

Native to Africa or Asia, basil was first imported to Egypt before being used in European cuisine.

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Smart tip

The basil freezes perfectly and its flavor will even be almost intact, even after several weeks.

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