How to create a dry garden?

How to create a dry garden?

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Dry, stony or even poor soil seems particularly hostile to plants. Yet all you need to do is choose the right plants and careful landscaping to take advantage of dry terrain. Check out our tips for creating an easy-going dry garden!

Dry soil plants

There are many drought tolerant plants that are just as flowering as the rest! The plant palette of the Mediterranean garden is ideal for dry land and hot environments. We think then of olive trees, cypresses, oleanders, santolines and other bougainvilleas.

The dry lands give pride of place to gray foliage like those of lavender and helichrysum. The drier the environment, the more fragrant these plants are.

Do not hesitate to use exotic essences that grow in our latitudes. Agaves, aloes, prickly pears, palm trees, cordyline, and cacti will make your exterior very exotic.

Bet on the mineral

In the dry garden, we are not going to sow a lawn! We then leave more room for terraces, walkways and flower beds.

The focus is on mineral elements for an easy to maintain exterior. In flowerbeds, do not hesitate to apply mineral mulch to promote good water flow. Strewn between cacti and succulents, these small white or colored pebbles make your plant composition impeccable. On the terrace, large stone slabs blend into the decor and offer you a reception area.

Between your beds garnished with lavender forming beautiful balls, trace paths in gravel or in Japanese steps to stroll in your garden.

A saving shadow

Who says dry garden says hot summers and scorching sun. To enjoy the garden, it is essential to have a thick shade under which to take refuge.

The holm oak and the umbrella pine are two trees that can be found in the south of France or in Italy. With their dense foliage, they provide a plant cover under which to install a hammock or garden furniture. To combine the useful with the pleasant, plant citrus fruits! Lemon, mandarin and other orange trees appreciate a well-drained substrate. However, if your land is limestone, you will need a rootstock so that your tree does not suffer from chlorosis.

Different styles of dry gardens

There are several styles of gardens available to you when you have dry soil. You can make a zen garden ! While some Japanese exteriors exhibit heather earth plants with fresh soil, others aim for minimalism with small mineral courts. Some plants in a massif are covered with pebbles and accompanied by decoration. Statuettes, fountains, pontoons and other lanterns punctuate this dry and zen garden.

As seen previously, the Mediterranean garden is another option. Authentic and fragrant, this style relies on silvery and mauve hues and natural stone. The exotic garden is another option for dry soils. Set off for Mexico without leaving your home with the help of succulents and colorful walls.

Finally, you can also create an ultra modern and uncluttered garden. Weeds of water, straight paths, polished concrete, trees with an elegant silhouette ... Do not hesitate to accompany this designer cocktail with a ground cover like Zoysia tenuifolia, which replaces grass in dry terrain.

A water source

To make your dry garden more bearable in summer, there's nothing like a water point! It can be a bathing area with a swimming pool, spa or jacuzzi. In a heatwave, you can enjoy your outdoors with a few refreshing breasts.

However, fountains and gullies also have their effect. Of course, we do not bathe in it. But, they bring freshness, a decorative touch and a pleasant background sound. Decorate them with jets, mists and lights to liven up the garden day and night.

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