How to cure tiger syndrome in cats?

You cat has been aggressive since you changed your lifestyle… He bites, hisses, scratches… you no longer recognize him. Your tomcat is probably suffering from tiger syndrome!

Each year many cats are abandoned following the appearance of this behavior disorder, because it is unknown to the owners.

here are the causes tiger syndrome in cats and solutions to appease this aggressiveness sudden and dangerous.

What is tiger syndrome?

The cat is a domesticated animal, kind and cuddly. In the event that he develops tiger syndrome, he again becomes a predator with all the attitudes and instincts of the hunter.

The causes :

Territorial, the cat likes its habits and it has specific needs for its species. If there are any changes in its routine, the cat is likely to turn into a real beast. And that's what explains the name tiger given to this affection. Here are some observed reasons.

  • Move.
  • Boredom and lack of activity.
  • Arrival of a child or other animal.
  • Modification of food or its mode of administration.
  • Hyper attachment to his master (the syndrome appears when he is absent and manifests itself on his return).
  • Weaning too short.

The results

To express its stress and its discontent, the cat becomes aggressive towards its owner to the point of putting his life in danger. Indeed, He hisses, attacks, scratches and bites, for example. And his behavior is then unmanageable.

How to correct this behavior in cats?

When the cat attacks, the experience is traumatic for its owner, but luckily, solutions exist before giving up giving up.

Review the diet

  • To begin with, the cat needs to eat small meals throughout the day, which is why you should leave her kibble available. Otherwise, the cat feels deprived of food and tiger syndrome can appear.
  • Then the cat is a carnivore. Therefore, feed him a diet rich in protein. Mixing dry food and wet meals (mash) is a good solution.

Create a space for him

Your cat should have a space of their own. Install a cat tree, a scratching post, a bed in which he can hide and toys. Thus, he will be able to rest quietly and exert himself to overcome his boredom.


A study to show that at birth kittens are born blind and deaf. This is why the cat secretes pheromones (soothes) which reassure her young and help them suckle.

As a result of this discovery, soothing was synthesized as a spray, diffuser or collar to help our companions fight stress. This is why this solution is commonly used to treat tiger syndrome in cats.

The drug solution

The vet will prescribe antidepressants to relieve your cat's stress in the most severe cases.

Consulting a behaviorist is an additional and complementary help in determining the causes of the condition.

Smart tip

The pheromone diffuser works very well if you close the windows in the room in which you are using it. Remember, these chemicals are very volatile!


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